GK Ultraphones

I see drummers using over ear all the time, at least in concert videos on YouTube. There are also a lot of “recording studio” videos out there where everyone is wearing headphones. Dave Grohl aside, I think it’s getting more and more acceptable. BUT, the GK’s are not pretty at all. I love them, but would want to wear something smaller or at least all black when playing live.

(Edit to say that’s just my opinion... I play all acoustic so we just wear musician ear plugs.)
I really don't mind the look. If I saw you playing with them live, I'd think, "GKs, cool." And then probably, "now what's he doing with the cord...." Anyway, I love my IEMs, but I'm getting to the point that they're not working for me as well. I kinda need my hearing aids under cans. And, warranted or not, they kinda make me nervous going straight in.
I tuck the cable into my waistband, behind my side. I suppose I could also attach a clip of some sort to the backrest of my throne, and let that be my cable management system.
Well, it works with IEMs, but the can cord won’t fit. At the moment, I’m wrapping the cord pas the adjust knob on the back of my throne. Oy
Squeeze one of the metal arms to remove it and then insert the cord.