GK Ultraphones

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I see drummers using over ear all the time, at least in concert videos on YouTube. There are also a lot of “recording studio” videos out there where everyone is wearing headphones. Dave Grohl aside, I think it’s getting more and more acceptable. BUT, the GK’s are not pretty at all. I love them, but would want to wear something smaller or at least all black when playing live.

(Edit to say that’s just my opinion... I play all acoustic so we just wear musician ear plugs.)
I really don't mind the look. If I saw you playing with them live, I'd think, "GKs, cool." And then probably, "now what's he doing with the cord...." Anyway, I love my IEMs, but I'm getting to the point that they're not working for me as well. I kinda need my hearing aids under cans. And, warranted or not, they kinda make me nervous going straight in.


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I tuck the cable into my waistband, behind my side. I suppose I could also attach a clip of some sort to the backrest of my throne, and let that be my cable management system.