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ctdrummer said:
I have recently gotten into his drumming with Porcupine Tree, and discovered that this guy has major chops, skills and groove. What do people know about him, his equipment, and technique. Any and all inforamtion is a good thing.

Well, there's always his two books. They're very good but bastard hard. I have them here, and I can't honestly say I'm far into either of them.
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PT is one of my favorite bands and I love Gavin's playing. Tasty stuff! I haven't been able to find out much at all about him or his setup. I've been to his website but it's pretty barren on details. I'd love to know his cymbal (Zildjian) setup details.
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I know he endorses Sonor, and the last time I heard, he's a Zildjian man.
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He's a great player indeed. Very creative and with a strong sense of musicality (Listen to 'Glass Arm Shattering' for example). He also has his own home studio in which he records drums for a variety of artists.

Like said, he uses Sonor and Zildjian. But there's not that much information about him available. Great drummer nonetheless.
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Gavin is a great drummer and he's one of my favourites ever.
He has an incredibly musical drumming, full of colours and effects. Listen Porcupine Tree's "In Absentia" (a good album), there's a song called "The Sound of Muzak" where he plays a beautiful 7/4. His technique is great but he play only for the song, he don't need to show how much he's speedy or loud. You can hear a great Gavin in PT songs like "Futile" or "Orchidia".
Gavin has written two books, "Rhytmic Illusions" and "Rhitmic Perspectives", based on time displacement and subdivisions. I don't have these books, but I have the DVD "Rhytmics Visions" where he show about concepts written in his methods....that's AMAZING to see...but really hard to play!
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Just got his "Rhythmic Visions" DVD. I think I have a new favorite drummer. I hope Porcupine Tree comes out with a concert DVD soon. There's an MPEG of them live floating around on the 'net but I haven't been able to track it down yet.
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Tom Miller said:
PT is one of my favorite bands and I love Gavin's playing. Tasty stuff! I haven't been able to find out much at all about him or his setup. I've been to his website but it's pretty barren on details. I'd love to know his cymbal (Zildjian) setup details.
Here it is :

It's my favorite drummer , favorite band ... I love all the beats he makes ...
My inspiration , My idol.
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he's my favourite drummer and my idol too!!His drumming is just superb!!He plays for the music, very versatile , fantastik technique (no overdose in porcupine tree songs) and the guy is a musician except for being a perfect drummer.The only thing that dissapoints me is that his drumming is still untouchable by me!!I just cant do the licks he does!!Listen to orchidia! Man the guy is ruling there.Wedding nails too...and many other songs!I hope porcupine tree realeases some live dvd in order to see him playing on camera.Just amazing!
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I love his drumming. Somehow manages to play perfectly for the song all of the time, with an amazing touch, whilst at the same time giving his parts a techincal and challenging edge. And he has a very subtle and musical double bass use. And his kit always sounds great recorded - Sonor and Zildjain.

Check out these links. One is from the DRUM! website. The other is a PT live show. Gavin's messing about with his parts live, and they're awesome.
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I hadn't been playing drums in about 12 years, but listening to this guy play just brought it all back and now, I'm playing again. I absolutely love the way he plays the drums. Very tasteful and classy.

The guy is brilliant. Love his work.
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Gavin, love your playing, love your books. I've been trying to get my head around all the stuff in the books for about the last three years and I'm still nowhere near feeling like I've got any kind of a comprehensive handle on the stuff. The amount of time you must have spent working on this material blows my mind.
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Hey Gavin!

Awesome to have you here. I've read your posts on House of Drumming. It's cool you take the time to hang with us mortal drummers.

I'm loving Deadwing. It's mindblowing playing. I love your use of double bass, perfect. And each songs grooves so well.

Do you ever play/perform clinics around London when not gigging with PT?
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Hi friends, yes it checked out - and it's Gavin of course - great.

Great drummer - as we all know. Check him out and if somethings not clear with Rhythmic Visions ....don't hesitate to ask here.

From Gavin:

Hi Bernhard,
yes it's really me!!!
I've finished a new DVD - I'd love to give you a preview clip for your site when it's time.
I've mainly been touring and recording with Porcupine Tree the last 3-4 years. Now it's time to write a new record - so we're busy working on ideas.

All the best - I love your site !!!

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Hi Jason,
thanks for the compliment - I followed the link but there was nothing there. I imagine it was the PT in Germany show? I know it’s been on google video a lot.
I've spent a couple of years (on and off) working on the new DVD. (I guess it's a labour of love?)
The first DVD "Rhythmic Visions" was basically the outline of the Rhythmic Illusions book. The new DVD is all new stuff - and there's lots of it. I play 5 new tunes, lots of lessons (with printable PDF's of the lessons) play along mp3's, a midi file of one of the original tunes. There’s 3 pieces where I do a split screen into 9 different parts. All the tunes and lessons relate to each other so there's a common method running throughout. There’s even subtitles in Italian and German!!!

Hi Jonny,
glad you like the double bass - I’ve never thought of myself as a double bass player. I don’t make many drum clinics, and most of my work in London is sessions - so I guess I need to get out more! Thanks anyway.

Hello Gavin !

Cool to have you on this board !

Your playing with PT is just perfect : groove, ideas, taste, chops, great sound !

I remember hearing Blackest eyes for the firt time and when the drums kick in : who is this guy ?
Saw you live last year in Paris Le Bataclan and your playing was great and more busy than in the studio, which I like !

Couple of questions : Do you know when the Porcupine Tree live DVD will be ready ?
I can't wait !

A common question but : Who were your heroes when you started playing ? Your main influences ?

Any recent players that caught your ears ? What do you think of Carter Beauford ? Danny Carey ?

Do you care that some metal drummers play tunes at 250/280BPM ? Do you care about metal at all ?

Ok I'll stop now !

Good luck on the next record, I ll buy it on its realease date !