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Richard Jackson

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Hi everybody I'm Richard Jackson

I'm a Canadian but teach online lessons so I can teach in any location via any video messaging app like Messenger, Whatsapp or your favourite App.

I teach out of my studio online.

I studied with Drum Education Legend, Jim Blackley, ontario college of percussion and music, apprenticed with master drummers and drum makers in West Africa and in Cuba. I have authored three books on drum kit studies and many of my students are pros and have studied drums at a post secondary level before and after working with me. That's a very brief synopsis so if you want more details feel free to contact me.

All levels are fine. I have young old beginner and pro.

my lessons are 25$ a half hour or 50 per hour.

Drop me a line if you have questions. I'd love to hear from you and won't pressure you to sign up if you just have a couple questions while you're thinking about it.

Online lessons means between the two of us we can likely find a spot that works for us both.

you can contact me here or via my website


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11 pages and not a soul in CO. Let me know if that changes!


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Hi! I am looking for a drum teacher in London (UK) or within reasonable drive into Essex kinda area.
I think I'd rather fewer longer lessons - not after a weekly lesson - I am enjoying (re)teaching myself after having not drummed in about 10 years, but I'm coming across the odd hurdle that I'd really appreciate some master-class type sessions with a teacher to help me overcome, so I'm thinking a couple of hours a month maybe. Thanks, feel free to DM me


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maybe someone knows a good teacher for a child? and as he thinks what age is best for this, one of my children is years old, the second is older than 15 years. But they have already begun to think about a musical career. I would like to give them to a sensible mischief.


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Are there any Drum Teachers in Baltimore County? I started playing in 4th grade through college and then as other life happened drifted away. Now an Empty Nestr', have started again about 4 years ago. In the meantime I've become partially disabled. Any potential teachers: Please be patient. BTW, now in my mid-late 50's. I hate typing the number.


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NAME: Jason Sayers

Guildford, Surrey United Kingdom

Mobile (teaches students in own home using e-drums)

I have been drumming since the age of 8 and have studied music in various schools, colleges and academies. As a professional drummer for over 10 years I have developed a range of techniques and musical styles from different instructors whom I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing and learning from.

I have worked on some fantastic projects in my time, such as performing for The Prince’s Trust and touring with Repair to Ruin. Working alongside some great musicians can be demanding at times, but I believe it keeps me on my toes and constantly tests and improves my drumming ability.

Beginner - Intermediate.

LESSON DETAILS (length and price):
Mon - Fri
1 hour £30
30 minutes £20

Most people looking for drumming lessons would normally be required to travel to a studio of some sort, which can be a bit inconvenient at times or have their own drum-kit. With me, there is no such hassle as I provide all the equipment, expertise and patience needed to learn to play the drums.

Daily from 18:00 - 21:00

Website Link