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Another beginner in need. North Carolina (northern mountains): Will drive to Boone, Jefferson or Wilkesboro.


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Hey gang, I'm offering a discount on Skype lessons for the new year. If you ever wondered what the hell I'm talking about with any of the stuff on my blog, or in my forum comments, now's your chance for elucidation. Hit me up.
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Superb Johnny. And i am confusion in buying an efficient drum. I found that Playmate Flash Music Jazz - Black. Is this ok?. If do you know any other means suggest me friends.


I'm based in North London (N11) and have a kit and a studio.
Looking for a good drummer who can focus on technique and independence - aka Get a GOOD sound out of the kit, whilst playing sensibly and not hurting yourself or punishing your drum heads!

If he/she has inclination towards post-rock and metal, progressive rock/progressive metal would be a plus.

I'm looking for a few lessons to correct my technique and get me on a solid exercise plan. I can then work on it on my own for a while before taking on more permanent lesson plans


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Hey folks! Starting up a studio here in Brooklyn, willing to travel as well. Looking for beginning/intermediate students in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Jersey, etc. Studied classical percussion and jazz through college, and more jazz at The Drummer's Collective. I have percussion performance degree from the University of Montana.


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If anyone is considering to learn how to play drums through online video lessons, then you may consider this. My colleague, Brendan Bache, is a drum instructor, who teaches 'Rock and Pop Drum Kit' at beginner and intermediate levels at an online music school called Liberty Park Music (LPM).

You can check out his courses here:

Learn Rock and Pop Drum Kit - Beginner
Learn Rock and Pop Drum Kit - Intermediate

We have published all lessons for the beginner's course. We're currently publishing weekly lessons for the Intermediate courses (at the moment, we're on the topic of 'Snare Drum Articulation.') You can sign up for a free 30-day trial to give our courses a go.

Just to give you a little teaching background about Brendan - Brendan's first teaching experience was teaching drums to kids in a music school in Northwich, Cheshire and he has since spent a year teaching English as a foreign language in China. Since graduating from the University of Leeds with a 1st class honours degree in Popular and World Music in 2013, Brendan has built up a substantial student base across West Yorkshire and boasts a 100% exam pass rate, with many students going on to perform professionally and succeed academically.


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Hi Drumming Friends,

My name is Josh! If you are looking for a convenient and fun way to learn drums, I would suggest checking out my online drum lessons site.

I offer drum coaching and courses there.

Thank you for your consideration!


Jacob Kaye

Montreal and Skype

Teaching at my home-studio or mutually agreed downtown Montreal studio

Jacob Kaye - studied drum set, percussion, music theory, piano and arranging with well-known Percussive Arts Society "Hall of Fame" teachers Jim Chapin, Saul Goodman, and Michael Bookspan among others. Jacob started playing at 5 years and now has over 30 years, including 10 years in the U.S. Marine Corps field of music, of world-wide professional performance experience on stage, screen, & television.

Jacob attended and was awarded an "audition-based" grant for study at University of the Arts (Philadelphia) and also studied at University of Maryland. Jacob is a graduate of U.S. Naval School of Music - (it's... like "old school" 1.5 years at Berklee College of Music, Boston condensed into 6 months of extremely intensive training. Advanced placement allowed him to advance out of the previous required 6 month course).

Professional Stylistic Experience Summary -
  • Big Band Jazz & Contemporary Styles (featured soloist)
  • Top 40 Cover/ Show-Band
  • R&B/ Funk, Latin Afro/ Cuban
  • Marching Percussion (Section Leader)
  • Concert Band (Principal Percussionist)
  • Small group Jazz (leader)
  • Staff Arranger for concert band and Show Band

Appearances Summary
  • Wilmington Jazz Festival later becoming the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival
  • Percussionist for 2 seasons with Delaware Symphony Orchestra
  • 1992 Disney Movie "Spies", starring Cloris Leachman
  • Japan, Europe, Bermuda, Canada, and United States East & West Coasts.
  • Various Music Performances and Music Clinic
  • National T.V. supporting 1984 Olympics (USMC band)
  • NBC Good Morning Show (USMC band several times)
  • L.A. Pops Orchestra (USMC band - combined concert)
  • Tampa Jazz Festival (USMC Big Band opening for B.B. King)
  • Non-command performances for U.K. Royalty, U.S. Presidents, & various dignitaries.
  • Canadian & Netherlands International Military Tattoo (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Rotterdam)
  • Jacob performed with Lee Greenwood "God Bless the USA" fame (YouTube link) as pianist substitute Show Band and drummer.

Jacob's travels include 3 continents, 6 countries - Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Bermuda, Iceland - and countless cities across the U.S. Including Non-Command ceremonial performances for former Presidents Ford and Reagan. Entertainment performances for Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Albert, Clint Eastwood, Sandra Locke, Caesar Romero, Kirk Douglas, George Burns, Robin Williams, Gregory Peck, Bob Hope and many more.

Professional instruction for motivated, serious students 14 years and older and professionals.
Specialist - Hand Technique including Moeller Method

LESSON DETAILS (length and price)
One hour lessons can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, “as arranged”.
Multiple hour lessons (minimum 2 hours) can also be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, “as arranged”.
Point is there remain many options available to tailor studies to your schedule.

Teaching the concepts professionals perform with anyone, at any venue, in any style.
Instructional Mission​
"Providing professional instruction for motivated, serious students and professionals. Teaching time-tested skills, techniques and concepts that develop the consistent-excellence necessary for success within the contemporary music scene."

  • "Jacob, you've got GREAT hands!!! ...hands from hell...!" Jim Chapin - circa 2005 (20th century’s most influential drum set educator) * Quote made with Kenwood Dennard (Berklee College Music), Russ Miller (2012 American Idol drummer, recording artist) and Geoffrey Lang (Nikki Yanofsky) in attendance.
  • "Jacob, I dig your playing, big time... You're a hellava drummer!! ... Dig your big band drumming man, lots of fire." Mike Clark circa 2014 - (Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Tony Bennett, etc)
  • "Very cool! ... I like the fact that you are doing YOUR combinations... and not just transcribing what I did." Walfredo Reyes, Jr. (Santana, Christina Aguilera, etc.) - referencing his DVD
  • "Hey Brother ..!!.. still remember the time you 'went out' like Elvin Jones at Crystal Mansion Studios." Johnny Neel (Formerly with the Allman Brothers Band & vocals on Walt Disney Records CD releases Finding Nemo, Cars, and Ratatouille.)
  • "Jacob has a great sense of jazz, & chart reading. I was particularly impressed with the exciting playing displayed in concert with the big band video." Aldo Mazza, Kosa

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Start first lesson: 1pm and Last lesson starts at 7pm
NOTE: There is no instruction offered on Fridays & Saturdays

WEBSITE AND CONTACT DETAILS (or send this member a personal message to make arrangements):

Looking forward to a long & inspiring musical relationship with you,
VISIT http://


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Help a Good guy Drummer

Hi Guys, my name is Gus Niech, im from Mexico City

I'm a drummer since I was 9 years old, I got a lot of experience playing with different bands, recording drums in the studio and playing as session Drummer in some gigs.
But I have a big problem and maybe you can help me a little.
Actually, I'm studying my career in drums and as a young guy (23 years old) I do not have the money to buy a new package of cymbals and pay for my studies at the same time.
As a Drummer, you may know that is one of the most expensive instruments and its necessary to have good cymbals to sound good in a gig.
So maybe you can help me with $1 or $5 or $10 USD to collect some money and buy some new cymbals for my gigs.

That's my current equipment:
- Sabian B8 thin crash 18'
- Sabian B8 Hi-hats '14
- Sabian B8 Ride '20
- Sabian B8 Splash '10

Im looking to buy new Sabian cymbals, something like Sabian AA or HH.

Hope you can help me,

Thanks and regards

You can help me here -->


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NAME: Trey Cross

Central Florida

VENUE: Music Shack, in Longwood Florida

EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: 13 years of playing experience. I often do musical theater gigs, jazz gigs, and symphonic gigs.

STUDENT LEVEL: Young beginners to "all-state" advanced percussionists.

LESSON DETAILS: Lessons cover marimba, drum set, snare drum, timpani, and other accessory percussion such as tambourine, triangle, congas, jazz vibraphone etc

OTHER RELEVANT DETAILS: Lessons are offered as 30 minute or 60 minute options

Mondays 4-9
Tuesday 4-5, 7-9
Wednesday 4-7
Thursday 4-9
Friday 4-9
Saturday 1-4


double bass man

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Northumberland. UK. I am looking for a teacher who knows his snare drum technique. My interests are jazz style and learning good technique. PM me.