DW sold to Roland?

I've been hearing buzz about this as well. Was waiting to post until there was a press release though... :rolleyes:

We've seen more and more consolidation in recent years so the concept here isn't exactly a huge surprise but the players involved may be. My guess is that this won't necessarily affect much on the consumer side, though we may see a bit more in the way of brand collaboration (DW 808 pedal? ;)). I'll be curious to see the effect this has for retailers when it comes to ordering and distribution. I also wonder if we'll see some sort of deal with DW producing the shells for the Roland electronic kits that feature shells (I believe Remo is making those right now...).
Roland is a whole lot bigger than DW, so it doesn't surprise me at all if it's true.
It would probably mean John Good passed away and the recipient of his drum empire preferred flutes, then JG selling his brand(s). Or, something like turret lugs being proven to cause cancer. Those are the only reasons he'd sell that I can think of given DWs success.
One of the more expensive A-kit companies combining with an expensive E-kit company would not bode well for future kit prices I would've thought 🤔
The other way around would be more believable.
Don Lombardi founded DW drums. His son Chris Lombardi is president and CEO, John Good is COO. FYI