DW hardware?


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I've asked for 'any DW double pedal' for christmas. I'm a double pedal kinda guy, i use it in my band, no single pedals. But i'm wondering if the link between the left pedal and main beater pedal doesnt come loose or anything.

By that i mean, in every other double pedal ive used, including sometimes the Iron Cobra and several pearl and sonor pedals, after some usage the link gradually moves away from the bit its attached to, on either side. I'm wondering, is it inevitable and will happen after a while anyway, is it the pedals themselves or is it me setting them up wrong somehow?

BTW, if it's the pedal and you recommend getting a new one, I doubt my family would spend a load of money on something like a Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator for one present for one relative. For example, the most i'm expecting is the DW 4000 series double pedal...

Also, is it worth saving up for a hi-hat stand? The ones where the legs can rotate preferably, as to make the switch between hats and bass pedal quick, and also play both if need be.

please help!
I have two different DW double pedals (one chain, one nylon) and a DW hi-hat stand.

I've never had a problem with either. Well made stuff.
I've owned two different DW 5000 double bass pedals and never had an issue with the linkage coming loose from the post.

If it were me I'd be hitting e-bay and finding a deal on a nicer pedal that may be used and mention that to the family.
Drum sets are a lot like cars, in that they are made up of lots of little "mechanical" pieces. And like cars, they do require some "maintenance". And "stuff" wears out, and needs to be replaced. That said, you need to get to know your equipment. If you have a drive shaft that comes loose after 3 hours play, it needs to be replaced. If, on the other hand, the time frame is 3 months, bend down there and tighten (or check) it at least once a month.