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casual reminder tha JoJo Mayer secret weapons for the modern drummer is an absolute classic
casual reminder tha JoJo Mayer secret weapons for the modern drummer is an absolute classic
Thanks, bookmarked. Never knew anything about Jojo; after a quick research, find out more about this incredible guy.
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Tommy Igoe's Great Hands for a Lifetime is my favourite for hand technique next to Jo Jo Mayer's excellent DVD's on hand and Foot Technique.
For all those ,drummers interested to study with this ''RARE'' video, please
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Drumming Technique/History of the U.S. Beat
The most comprehensive compalation on the drumset and the way has been played and has evolved since it's inception.
All levels and styles.
Hudson Music
History of the U.S. Beat: Disc One
We all need the lessons that are taught by Steve on this ultra informative DVD.
I have never seen such a great tutorial on how the drumset and all it's variations came about. Steve has done his homework on this one, from early Neworleans jazz, to gospel, the Beatles, Bonham and More modern applications such as Jazz/Rock. All displayed by Vital Information in a great set of music at the end of disc two. If your a serious student of the instrument you need this DVD set.

Drumset Technique: Disc Two
Practical application of many techniques on the drumset for all styles of music. Detailed breakdown of Moeller hand technique and practice methods. Also great foot technique lesson taught to Steve by Freddie Gruber. Superb audio and video quality thruout all exampels and performance footage. I have watched this DVD countless times since my wife bought it for me two years ago and I always learn something.

Put into words Steve Smith is a modern master on the Drums set and is here to encourage you to practice, practice, practice and reap the rewards.
Love this DVD! A great resource and refresher course.