Drum Center of Portsmouth

I've been a customer for over a decade and was amazed by that snare wall at the original shop the first time I saw it!
A reputable dealer with an amazing selection to choose from in store. I've purchased 5 snare drums, individual cymbals and ordered a new kit online from them.
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I"ve bought often small things from them that I now call them Drum Center of Portsmouth

I have bought kits from them. They would not negotiate, like Dales and Sweetwater will. And their shipping was slow almost two weeks. Nothing really bad about transactions with them, but I look to Dales or Sweetwater first for a kit.
I've bought in-person and online. Smooth and easy transactions every time. They pack cymbals very well, too.

Note: If you are looking for a better price than what they—and any other store—shows online, call the store and ask if the price is negotiable. Many manufacturers have M.A.P. agreements with their resellers which require the sellers to show the "minimum advertised price" online and in the store. But, if you ask for a deal, if they can they will negotiate. I've done this with every Paiste cymbal I've purchased from any store, and a couple snare drums from Sweetwater.
I've had nothing but GREAT experiences with DCP. I had to return one thing because I didn't like it. No problems.
They are quasi-local to me... about a 3-hour drive... but I do everything through the mail.
I've had very good experiences calling and talking to their salespeople. They are real drummers and will have (for example) a 20-minute conversation with you about kick drum batters and muffling.... and dive in on what sound you are looking for.
I have purchased cymbals from them. Very smooth transaction. Great shipping.

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I've had two snare drums arrive damaged from being poorly packed. A third snare was also poorly packed, but miraculously was fine. I'll still buy small things that are less likely to suffer shipping damage if absolutely no one else has the item and I absolutely need it.
I have bought countless things from them, but mainly heads, sticks, mics, hoops, etc…..but never a full kit. I did buy a supraphonic from them and it was packed well and arrived perfect. But I am reading these replies about poor packaging and damaged items, so that surprises me a bit.

They are located far NE and I don’t believe they have additional warehouses located across the US to accommodate faster shipping to the West. If you’re in California and order from DCP, expect a journey. I live in Texas and shipping time has been reasonable. They also offer free shipping on most things, and since I’m a Texas resident, there is no sales tax collected. Very nice to “save” 8.25% right off the bat
I've purchased a full Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple setup with an additional special order of a bass drum in addition to a couple recording custom snares. Many accessories as well over the years. Smooth as silk.
Good service, FULL MAP. I bought one special order kit from there and there was no negotiation, I got nailed for full MAP. My Sonor SQ2 build will be ordered elsewhere I will guarantee you that.
Good service, FULL MAP. I bought one special order kit from there and there was no negotiation, I got nailed for full MAP. My Sonor SQ2 build will be ordered elsewhere I will guarantee you that.
When I managed a bicycle shop in San Diego, we never negotiated on the price of a new bicycle 'cuz the profit margin was only about 20% at the time. However, the markup on accessories and parts varied between 50–100%. When we sold packages (bike + accessories) we could wheel & deal. But, we never dealt with M.A.P. rules.
Purchased a Marque snare and would not even knock off a $1.00. Also purchased sticks and heads received discounts on all. Packing for shipping was (y) shipping was (y)(y).
I haven't purchased anything there, but have visited a few times, whenever I have the opportunity to. Tho I usually have family with me, traveling thru the area, so I cant stay long... but wow. It's an amazing store!
I bought 2 snares from them, one online and one in person as well as other small stuff...in person was a shock to the system, sooooo many drums and cymbals!
Both transactions were fast with no issues.