Bass drum head rotating!?


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I have noticed over the month or 2 since owning my Yamaha MCA (been played every day) that my bass drum batter head rotates clockwise very very slightly after each gig. I normally don't notice until 2 or 3 weeks when it has rotated by about an inch.

Is this normal? I do like to have my bass drum tuning relatively low but I certainly can't rotate the skin by hand with the hoop on there so seems strange.

Anyway just thought I would put it out there and see if anyone else has anything similar?

Well I did originally think that as well but like I say it won't budge by hand and crank the head much more and it starts to sound "boingy" and too high pitched.

I had problems with seating when I first got the kit- but I put this down to tension again like you say. Beginning to think the hoop is out like I did think at the time as it didn't seem to sit flush like the reso hoop does.

You may not be able to rotate it by hand, but it's obviously loose enough that the continual vibrations are able to move the thing. In any case, it's definitely not "normal".

Try swapping the reso and batter hoops around and see if you still have the same problem.
A rotating bass drum head can't be all bad. At least it changes the beater spot every night slightly ;).

I rotate my batter head before every gig to change this spot so it doesn't break, But mine doesn't self-rotate.
If you loosen it more, maybe you can get it to spin around like those hubcaps on some car wheels .
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I tune really low and I noticed that mine also only moves an inch. I just off-set the head counter clockwise and inch and it falls into place when it moves. Not sure why it doesn't rotate after it moves that inch but it's a easy fix.
Will give the offset thing a go. LOL on the spinners idea haha.
I cant swap the hoops because it's a fade so would look odd with the colours the wrong way round lol. Might give it a go at some point anyway.

Also I use a falam pad so rotating is an issue, plus I'm anal and like the logo to be at the top haha
lol! Yeah I seen that video months ago while browsing through Youtube and couldn't believe you brought that up. Glad I remembered it lol! :D
haha that spinner is amazing!
Be cool if it was like fan blades so the air rushing out the porthole when your playing would keep it
haha that spinner is amazing!

lol! :D

Be cool if it was like fan blades so the air rushing out the porthole when your playing would keep it

lol Tard!

I just want to know how in D hell he mounted that, I swear I recall spinning one of them and I believe they are pretty heavy lol. Maybe he's got a lighter version but it seems to have a lot of mass to it as it kept spinning for a while.

Sorry for the hi-jack, to be on topic, maybe your bass drum isn't properly made? Maybe it's too small for the drum head. I've never heard of such a thing but anything is possible.