Advice on how to say no to family/friend gatherings because of time spent on drumming.

Are there times when your music career will conflict with your personal life? Yes! If you’re a serious musician, this will happen for as long as you choose to make music. The trick is finding a balance, and it’s not easy. Set expectations and make sure you are clear on what people around you expect from you as well. Prepare to win some battles and lose some, and do your best to have empathy for your loved ones. If your wife, father, or friend toured constantly and spent most of their time at dingy music venues and recording studios, you’d probably get frustrated from time to time too. Maintaining your relationships isn’t easy as a musician. But neglecting them for the sake of your music won’t do you or your craft any favors. If you’re in this for the long-haul, you need to go to bat for the musical parts of your life and the non-musical ones as well.