21" sweet ride brilliant or 21" a custom 20th anniversary ride?

michele pantano

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Hi everyone,
i'm looking for a new ride cymbal and i want it to be versatile and crashable, so for now my two main options are the 21" a custom 20th anniversary ride and the 21" sweet ride in brilliant finish.
Now i have to choose the most pingy one since they're two very similar cymbals and they both have a good bell sound and are both really crashable, but the ping doesn't seem very strong.

I tried the Sweet ride a week ago and it sounded really good, the "ride surface" maybe wasn't loud enough but sounded right. Unfortunately at the drum shop they didn't have the 21" anniversary ride but from what i can hear from the cymbal's demos on youtube this one seems a little bit "pingier".

Anyone here has tried both? i'd like to know your opinions about them and which one has more ping.
Have you tried a Sabian Raw Bell Dry Ride. Lots of ping and crashable.....
Have you tried a Sabian Raw Bell Dry Ride. Lots of ping and crashable.....

The RBDR is a very quiet ride. The bell is great but not for loud rock n' roll. I didnt find it nearly as crashable as others due to the weight. I play the 21" 20th anniversary, and while the bell is not great, it is an overall excellent ride. I use it as a crash quite a bit and its excellent in that capacity as well.
What size sticks do you prefer? I feel that both the Sweet Rides and A Custom rides are actually too crashable, even at lower intesities. A medium and K rides are plenty crashable and also give a much better ping. Just something to keep in mind.
Now I'm also considering the 21 k crash ride brilliant and the 21 k custom hybrid ride, even if their price is pretty higher.
Since i'm basically looking for a cymbal to crash ride with a good stick definition, maybe these could meet my needs more
There's one of each of those on Austin CL right now. $200-$220 range.

I like a tap on the Sabian RBDR, from time to time.