ride cymbal comparison

  1. M

    21" sweet ride brilliant or 21" a custom 20th anniversary ride?

    Hi everyone, i'm looking for a new ride cymbal and i want it to be versatile and crashable, so for now my two main options are the 21" a custom 20th anniversary ride and the 21" sweet ride in brilliant finish. Now i have to choose the most pingy one since they're two very similar cymbals and...
  2. C

    Which of these rides is best?

    I primarily play rock music, but I don't limit myself to that, and bring in influences from many genres. Sometimes my band will sound like a metal band, other times it's pretty jazzy, so I need versatility. I generally like darker sounding rides, and I don't need it to cut through the music...
  3. N

    New Ride Cymbal

    Hey. I have an entry level 20" ride (Zildjian ZXT Rock Ride), and why I do like it, sometimes it just doesn't cut it. I want to upgrade to a better ride. I have expressed interest in the 21" A Sweet Ride and the 21" K Custom Hybrid Ride. I play metal music (Motionless In White, Carnifex, The...
  4. dansammons

    New ride

    I'm looking for a new ride, something bright and fat with a nice glassy 'ping'. Something powerful, something with a good solid bell for rock and funk. I was thinking along the lines of a Sabian AA rock ride or a Paragon Ride. All opinions and suggestions welcome :)
  5. A

    K med dark ride pingy?

    Good morrow, So I'm contemplating buying a Zildjian 22" K Med Dark ride, but thought I'd use some free advice from you good people. Currently I've got a 21" Sweet Ride (fantastic cymbal), Seeing as I prefer it as a crash, as do most of you, I need to get a proper ride cymbal... Hence the 22" K...
  6. N

    Trying to find a similar cymbal

    Cymbals Similar to Hammerax 21" Ultra Violet Low Ride? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYuY_iLXjuI I love the sound of this Hammerax 21" Ultra Violet Low Ride but I don't know what characteristics of it that I like. Can anybody recommend any cymbals that sound similar to this one from...