1. GretschedHive

    Meinl Cymbals - Every 18" Byzance Crash Comparison

    I wish all brands would make videos like this one. And, no, the thumbnail is not just picked to be attention-grabbing: it's actually representative.
  2. E

    Desert Island Cymbal Pack

    After putting down the sticks and selling my last kit (Yamaha Recording Custom) 35-years ago, I'm building a new drum kit. I've decided on the shell pack (20" BD/10-12-14 toms) and I'm unlikely to play gigs or in the studio, but as a successful audio engineer here in Nashville, I know what good...
  3. B

    acoustic drum kit ideas

    Hi, I'm a drummer but I'm not an expert of acoustic live questions. I don't have the knowlege about all percussion stuff that are in commerce and all the possiblity that we have in a acoustic live, they are massive. I have to play light rock songs (like Fleetwood Mac , Sting) . I'd like to make...
  4. T

    How to combine cymballs

    Hello, is it good idea to mix cymballs? I have Meinl Pure Alloy Medium Ride 20 and I need new hihats, but I dont know how to combine cymballs for good sound because I probbably dont want Pure Alloy Hihats or Meinl Hihats at all. Can someone help me? Is better for me to stick with this type of...
  5. LeeLovesSabian

    What is the best cymbal brand?

    Just thought I'd like to see opionions. Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste, or Meinl? I vote Sabian of course
  6. A

    Paiste pst 5s, Meinl gen x or Zildjian zhts

    I just started drumming and just dont know that much about cymbals but these all look for good my price range since they come in box sets also i like the free stuff so paiste pst 5s meinl gen x or zildjian zhts?
  7. Cacaphony

    Meinl Byzance Mini Hi-Hat? Anyone play these?

    I'm looking for some smaller, lower volume hihats to use in an acoustic hip-hop band. Would these fit the bill? I have a 16" Meinl Byzance thin crash that I love, and I'm assuming these would compliment that nicely. My current hihats are *ughh* 13" B8 Pro's. They're too loud and clangy for what...