1. S

    You need this for your kick mix!!

    This is an absolute game changer in my opinion. I'm super stoked to record my next drum cover now!! I just upgraded my internal microphone with the Kelly Shu kick drum shock-mount system! What an absolute night and day difference from how i was recording with just a mic inside the kick. It was...
  2. L

    Three strokes on single pedal

    Hello, I’m quite new to drums, I started playing about 6 months ago. I’m having some troubles with a few rhythms I was given. I was wondering if anyone could help me either posting a video or replying. So I’m having troubles with the part where there are three kicks in a row. If I do that small...
  3. F

    Looking for Mapex Armory Kick and Tom

    Hey I was wondering if you guys could help find a specific kick drum and tom. I’m looking for a 22x18 kick and a 13x9 tom Mapex Armory in Caribbean Burst. I’ve had zero luck locating them in that finish. I’m looking to add an extra kick to my set and am open to adding one of similar color...
  4. DrewTheShoe

    Kick Heads.

    Drew back, now with a few inquiries about kick heads. The first is about the batter, simply a question of which head. I've been browsing, looking, and trolling and have found that I would be interested in either the heads from the SuperKick series or one of the EMAD's. So, I'm looking for...
  5. riddle

    kicking problem

    i wonder if this is supposed to be posted here im new so ill apologize if i've done anything wrong. recently i couldnt get my leg to play the double note on the bass drum. (sort of like funk music) it feels as though it freezes up when i do, then i would be telling my brain to be hey play that...
  6. G


    k, so everytime i hit my small rack tom, it makes the snare wires buzz. how do you tune the small rack tom, or snare, so that doesnt happen?