istanbul agop cymbals

  1. Ludo

    Istanbul Agop - Searching for fast/quick decay crash cymbals.

    Hello there, Recently got myself into Istanbul cymbals (after decades thinking these were not for me, only idiots don't change their minds, do they?). I have a pair of Mantra 15" Hats and a 22" Mantra Ride. Awesome sounding combo. To go along with them, I wanted some rather dark crash cymbals...
  2. B

    Buying a ride cymbal

    Hi, I'm new to th formums. Im looking for a Meinl Jazz tradition ride, HHX Sabian manhattan jazz ride, a Istanbul Agop Special Edition TW Ride (Would be a TOP CHOICE) or another great jazz ride. I do not have too much money but am looking for people selling. THanks!!
  3. P

    Istanbul AGOP Jazz Set-Up

    Hi all, I'm thinking of some different configurations and combinations for my jazz set-up. I'll preface this by saying I've been thinking about this for quite some time and I'm trying to be thoughtful. Likewise, I'm trying to maintain a small bag. So here is what I'm thinking. 22" Azure 22"...
  4. montavillasteve

    Does this Istanbul cymbal exist?

    Hi guys, I poked around the forum a little bit, but I didn't find what I was looking for. I've gotten into Istanbul cymbals in the past year, with a set of sig hats and a set of traditional medium hats, and mel lewis 19" and a sig 21" as my crashes. I'm looking for a ride that kind of splits...
  5. A

    Istanbul Xist Finishes

    Good day! I'm looking to perhaps get a set of the Xist. Does the Brilliant finish and the Traditional finish make a huge difference to the sound? Or is the Brilliant just a little brighter? Thanks.
  6. Steamer

    NAMM Agop Photos:

    I'l start the ball rolling with these by permission courtesy of Heartbeat Percussion. Cindy Blackman and my good buddy Noel from Heartbeat at the Agop booth. I'm jealous Noel :} :
  7. Steamer

    Agop NAMM 09

    Got the full story today on what's in store at NAMM 09 in regards to Agop. My lips are sealed for a week but let's just say there's a huge amount of new stuff to hit the market this year from my favorite maker of Turkish B20 handmade beauities. Besides some new artist related Signature rides and...
  8. Andrew_H

    Zildjian K Hi Hat other brand equivalents?

    I was wondering what hi hats put out by other brands, especially Sabian, produce a similar sound to the Zildjian K hi hats, not the master sound or custom ones or anything like that, the plain Zildjian K hi hats. Im looking for new hi hats and through internet sound samples I am really liking...
  9. metal overlord

    your ultimate cymbal set up

    Whats your ultimate cymbal set up? I didn a search and didn't find any threads dealing with this so I figured I'd start one. Mine would be this if I was using Zildjian: I'd make other but I don't have the time right now.
  10. Z

    Ride Cymbal- so many options

    So I'm looking to get myself a new ride in a few months. And man....there's just so many out there. I've been looking for a while now, mainly listening to various sound clips, and trying everything I can out at the local Drum Shop and GC...but pickings are slim for jazz rides. So that makes it...
  11. A

    Istanbul cymbals

    So I was watching some videos on youtube from Namm and I came across Istanbul cymbals. I was aware of these cymbals and knew that they were in the vein of Bosphorus but I never actually checked em' out. I heard some of the cymbals and was very impressed. I then went to their website and found...
  12. Steamer

    Another amazing Agop: 19" SE Jazz Ride 1682g

    Well Noel at Hearbeat Percussion here in Canada did it to me again :} As I was about to head out the door from a social visit today he pipes up "by the way would you like to hear one of the first 19" SE Jazz Rides i've ordered from the factory which came in my new shipment ". Well knowing he's...
  13. L

    Jazz CYMBALS

    Hi, I'm looking to get some nice jazz cymbals. I heard Instabuls are good but I'm not sure. I'm lookin for the kind of cymbals that Brian Blade has. What kind of cymbals do you guys have? That includes hi-hat, ride and crash, etc. Thanks, Lance
  14. LeeLovesSabian

    What is the best cymbal brand?

    Just thought I'd like to see opionions. Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste, or Meinl? I vote Sabian of course
  15. 805Drummer


    Alright, so my English teacher, on the first day of school, was telling us about herself. It turns out her daughter lives in INSTANBUL, TURKEY, and the first thing that came to my mind, was, well, you know what. Cymbals! So I was wondering...would the prices be like, waaaaay cheaper if you...
  16. Steamer

    20" Azure ride 2035g

    20" Azure ride 2035g. Super sweet classic sounding Big Band ride or small combo acoustic jazz ride in the flavour of Elvin Jones to my ear. Don't get the Paiste 602 and Old A comparison i've read about myself at all. Sounds like a brighter old intermediate stamp Turkish K to my ears but with...
  17. Jazz

    It's been a while (agop signature ooh)

    I haven't been on here in a long time so I figured I'd post. I am currently at the University of Michigan (undeclared) but I'm in a jazz combo which is part of the school of music. I just saw Wayne Shorter Quarter with the Imani Winds, which was the most amazing concert of my life! And, I just...
  18. Mastershake16

    Cymbals that define that Jazz sound

    any cymbals the really have the jazzy cool cat sound (lol) jw
  19. Drummer Karl

    New Istanbul Agop 22" Signature...

    Hi Drummerworld! Yeees, it finally arrived: The desired green-labeled Istanbul Agop, 22". Just came home from school around 7:15 PM and immediately had the chance to wrap off the carton, take photos and of course play it with my other Agops. First of all I wanna thank Tony from cymbalsonly for...
  20. BattleArmor

    Hand - Made Cymbals?

    Wouldn't a cymbal, of the same brand and series, [example: a 20" ride], shouldnt they all sound a little different because they are hand made?