1. W

    Lost almost all of my double kick progress

    Hi y’all. I’ve been playing the drums for a few years on an e-kit with some iron cobra pedals, and for awhile i thought i was making steady progress on the drums, with some days being able to hit 150-160bpm for decent amounts of time. After I took a little over a week long break from the drums...
  2. S

    Harpers Back!! Episode 5 - The Sounds of Snares : Ddrum Dios

    well after 9 months of not wanting to do anymore videos my daughter said she wanted to do a new video! So who am I to say no to that! So yesterday we shot our 5th Episode of The Sounds of Snares! For this she picked my Ddum Dios snare drum. It's a 13x6.5 snare in Maple. It's a wonderful snare...
  3. S

    Walnut / Maple Step Stave 14x7 Snare Drum!

    Check out my new AVA Snare Drum! It's a 14x7 Step Stave Walnut / Maple snare. 1" Thick walnut with 1/2" thick maple staves. 4 1/2" tube lugs, die cast hoops, trick throw off and more! 3/16" round over to 30 degree bearing edges and super wide snare beds... this snare is a dream come true for...
  4. Mojojojo

    Where're The Transcriptions(Sheets) of All Mitch Mitchell Playing?

    hello, I'm Japanese so sorry for my broken English. well, I want to play by the style like Mitch Mitchell. Because of not the beating dots(Funky) but that rolling(snare, toms) is much fit for psychedelic wavy groovy sounds, I think. And Mitch made phrases(drum patterns) for each songs. As a...
  5. S

    A Beautiful Lie -

    i think this song by 30 Seconds to Mars is a simple yet powerful song. i've always loved this song and have always wanted to cover it... so I finally did. I was having a rough week and when this song came on it helped relax me and gave me the inspiration. All feedback welcomed, good or bad...
  6. S

    Outdoor Gig - New Age Girl

    Had the opportunity to fill in with a fun 90s rock band. We had a blast playing an outdoor gig for a Bike Night at a Harley Davidson shop. Anyways, I just did a simple quick phone recording of one of the tunes: New Age Girl by Deadeye Dick Was a blast! Kit: PDP Classic Concept Maple Bop...
  7. S

    Gator Frameworks adjustable 9" clamp attachment

    For anyone who is recording drums this thing is great! It's a huge space saver and great for tight space conditions. Want to save on stands this is definitely a great option! I now have two of them, one for my hihat and one for my ride. They work great for what I need them to do. I put a small...
  8. S

    Drum Cam - Benjamin Trick - Infinity - my band

    This is my band out of Milwaukee WI called Benjamin Trick. We are an original band. This is our song Infinity. This is just my cell I set on the monitor so I apologize about some of the sound. Hope you enjoy and all feedback welcomed! !
  9. sonortony35

    The Ultimate Sonor SQ2 Drums Comparison | Part 2

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share this here. We just finished pt.2 of our Sonor SQ2 comparison video and it was a HUGE project. I know I went through great lengths to make sure the tuning was as precise as possible and that I captured the audio the best I could. Check it out here and let me know...
  10. D

    Having a hard time.

    Heavy subject alert. Hey guys. Haven't been on the forum in quite a while. I'm gonna cut straight to the chase, I've been dealing with some mental struggles that have greatly affected me musically, and I wanted to know if anybody has ever experienced similar symptoms to what I've been dealing...
  11. S

    Flipping your RIMS mount to the bottom rim

    I have a 13" Drum which unfortunately I stopped recording with because it was a hassle to mic up! The drum was on my left and a standard mic mount doesn't hook to the RIMS... and I just didn't have the room to add another full stand just for that drum. So today I answered the question, can you...
  12. Resonance Drums

    Resonance Drums (Swiss Made)

    Resonance Drums is a manufacturer of handmade snare drums and drums in barrel construction since 2019. In the small Swiss manufactory, between old cherry trees and sheep, the Resonance Drums are made with a lot of passion and as unique pieces. In addition, we want to create a platform for the...
  13. Discount Bassy

    Drum GAS vs. Other Instrument GAS.

    This is a sister thread to one I posted over on TalkBass, where I am also Discount Bassy. Come to think of it, I'm Discount Bassy over on Sax on the Web and a trumpet forum. I know that there are a number of multi-instrumentalists out there and many varieties of GAS to be had. I've recently been...
  14. H

    Pearl mounts on Mapex drums

    I am looking at purchasing the Mapex armory 6-piece Studioease fast tom shell pack and was wondering if the Pearl optimount suspension mounts will fit onto the Mapex toms?
  15. Shortsman86

    A tribute to LeBron James!

    This song is my tribute to LeBron James! I hope you like it! Let me know...
  16. S

    Window Clings for Tom Dampeners

    I like having fun during holidays and whatnot and I'll take window clings and use them for my tom dampeners. So much cheaper than moongels or trutones and etc. My daughter thought it was absolutely awesome and asked if we could do a video about it to share. Any of you guys use them to have fun...
  17. M

    Melbourne-based Drum Repair/Restoration/Rewrap?

    G'day fellas! Just looking for recommendations on who in Melbourne Australia could unwrap/rewrap/patch some holes holes/do some vintage drums restorations? Also looking for someone who might be able to apply some nitrocellulose lacquer and/or match stains? Basically i've had a google and can't...
  18. LeeLovesSabian

    Profile Image problem

    I have a picture on my page, of Lars' drum set, and Everytime I log in or post a reply, nothing shows up by my name. What's the problem. Everybody's picture shows up but mine.
  19. LeeLovesSabian

    Why do you play the drums?

    I know I tend to ask a lot of these kind of questions, but im curious. Why do YOU play the drums?
  20. LeeLovesSabian

    Remo emperors

    Whats the difference between Remo Emperors and Remo Emperor X's?