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    Dom Famularo - Masterclass in Switzerland?

    This one's mainly for you guys and gals in (or near) Switzerland. Would love to bring the fabulous and inspiring Dom Famularo over to Switzerland to do (a) masterclass(es). I am wondering: how many of you are out there who would be interested in attending such an event? In case that you...
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    [Help] Paiste Twenty - shops that have any stock left?

    It wasn't until last weekend that I noticed Paiste no longer offers their Twenty line. (Only the Twenty Custom & the Twenty Masters Collection are still available.) This sucks, since I've been wanting to add a few more to my collection... Anyone out there know any shop(s) that might still have...
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    Meka Drums (Bangkok) - did some videos for them.

    Recorded some promo videos for my local (Bangkok) custom drum builder. Company is called Meka Drum. The set in this video was made for the drummer of a Thai band named Labanoon. Keller shells (Maple). The bass drum is 22 x 22! Song is "Half A...
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    The Paradox of Choice: Gretsch Catalina Birch? Ludwig Accent / Centennial? Premier Cabria? GMS SL?

    Hey guys & gals. Been lurking for a while, but only just joined the forum. Struggling with information/review overflow, and the paradox of choice... I am currently living in Bangkok (Thailand) - and it opened my eyes to just how good you have it in the States and in Europe. Prices here are...