Dom Famularo - Masterclass in Switzerland?


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This one's mainly for you guys and gals in (or near) Switzerland.

Would love to bring the fabulous and inspiring Dom Famularo over to Switzerland to do (a) masterclass(es).

I am wondering: how many of you are out there who would be interested in attending such an event?

In case that you are: where would you prefer for it to happen? Zurich? St. Gall? Berne? Geneva? Basle? Lucerne? Altstätten? ...?

Would love to get some feedback. And then hopefully make it happen soon-ish.

I hope I'm posting this in the right place. (If not: moderators, please delete & accept my apologies for the inconvenience.)


(BTW: Already set up a clinic with Claus Hessler, taking place 29 October.)


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+1 to Geneva area!

There is a big store in Morges (outside Geneva) called Boullard Musique that often hosts this type of event. I saw Benny Greb and Keith Carlock there and they were both fantastic.


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Thanks, Alain & Bonzo.

If you know any other drummers in the Geneva area who are interested, please let them know... and ask them to post here (or contact me via PM)...

I'm actually in the Eastern part of Switzerland - but if enough people are up for it... more than one place/city might very well be a possibility.



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It took a while (as [great] things oftentimes do). A friend of mine is finally making it happen: Dom Famularo (back) in Switzerland. Yeah!

Dom's part of the Percussion Creativ "Teachertage" weekend happening in Winterthur on 1 and 2 November (2014).

Workshops/masterclasses with the following peeps: Dom Famularo (obviously), Jojo Mayer (!!!), René Creemers, Carola Grey, Udo Dahmen, Patrick Metzger, Catrien Stremme, J.J. Flück, Peter Schneider, Katarzyna Mycka, Kai Stensgaard, José Cortijo, Yamoussa Sylla and Tom Beck.

Programme is available online (German language only):

Booking information:

BTW: Monday, 3 November, Dom Famularo is still in Switzerland, teaching private lessons. Some spots are still available, AFAIK.

Very much looking forward to this!

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