Meka Drums (Bangkok) - did some videos for them.


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Recorded some promo videos for my local (Bangkok) custom drum builder.

Company is called Meka Drum.

The set in this video was made for the drummer of a Thai band named Labanoon.

Keller shells (Maple).

The bass drum is 22 x 22!

Song is "Half A Song" by Ooh & The Ballyhoo. Drums on the original track are programmed. I am currently a member of the live band.


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Good overhead sound. Snare & bass drum sound fine too, but the toms are way down in the mix. Drums are all panned left, any reason for that? Nice playing!


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Thanks for the kind words.
Very much appreciated. :)

First time ever we recorded video and audio for a drum cover, so we made a few mistakes.

Can't recall the exact setup details, since my friend took care of it, but basically we recorded with two Zoom H4Ns and some microphones hooked up to them.

Was difficult afterwards to get a good overall mix. (Which I did in Ableton Live; I have no experience whatsoever with proper mixing.) Whenever I turned the toms up, the cymbals became way too dominant.

It's an ongoing learning process...