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Gil Sharone
SKA: Big Rolls and Fills
transcribed by
Terry Branam
from the DVD: Wicked Beats

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Big Rolls and Fills
Gil Sharone
from the DVD:

Reggae Snare Drum
Gil Sharone
from the DVD:

Rock Steady
Gil Sharone
from the DVD:

Reggae: Sly Dunbar
Hi-Hat Patterns
from the DVD:

Drum'n'Bass Reggae
Gil Sharone
from the DVD:

Gil Sharone
Checking Out his DW Drums
from Gil Sharone and DW.com

On The Corner
Gil Sharone
from the DVD:

MD Festival

Dillinger Escape Plan
MD Festival

I've been playing reggae drums for many years now, and I know that there is a lack of quality material out there to teach others about reggae music or reggae drumming. Most of the educational videos and music I have seen over the years have terrible, honestly.

Because of this, there are a lot of drummers who do not know how to play reggae, and it is evident in their feel and sound. This DVD addresses all of that. This is basically a library of information (within a tutorial) on reggae drumming, music, history and philosophy.

The first portion of this video addresses the origin of reggae music through the Nyabingi rhythm and philosophy. Gil plays along with traditional Nyabingi drummers ( a real treat ), and he lets them explain Nyabingi philosophy, drumming as well as the purpose of the drums themselves.

From that point on, the entire DVD encompasses everything you will need in order to play old school and modern reggae. I am amazed at how much information is packed into this single DVD. My hat is really off to Gil for being so knowledgeable and knowing the music so well. His explanations are perfect, and his reggae drumming is VERY powerful.

An overview of all included material:

* An illustrated history of reggae and reggae beats
* Tutorials and exercises on all major reggae beats, and there are a lot.
* Over 10 live performances with full a full band. Guys, this band is WICKED.
* Play along tracks with no drums
* Interviews with reggae drumming legends like Santa Davis, ska Legend Lloyd Knib and Adrian Young of No Doubt.
* Tuning tips for that reggae sound
* An ebook with exercises and a photo ebook

The sheer respect that Gil Sharone has put into this work of art really shines through. There is so much well thought out information and insight included that this DVD could be a source of study for any drummer's lifetime.

If you want to really play reggae like a pro, this is the way to go. Add Wicked Beats to your library today!

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