Which of the two pedals would you suggest?

Thanks for advice liking the first pedal you showed me (minus the beater, id probably get a new one anywhos)

any words on the IC cause i dont want to have to buy another pedal
When I was researching for a new pedal I was torn between Pearl, DW, & Yamaha. I chose the Eliminator and it is freakin' sweet.


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My two Pro V 1's came yesterday.

Big pause.

Like nothing else I played before. Smooth, quiet, quick, precise, phenomenal!!!!!

I used to think my DW 5000s were the $hit, but I was wrong. I even tried the Iron Cobra and the Axis now, and even the new DW 9000s. But there is nothing like these Trick pedals.

I bought my two Pro V 1s on ebay for $200 each and they were a steal!!!

I can't recommend them more!!!

Wolves at the Door
My goodness, definitely the 9000. It takes a short while to get used to because of the fast response, but, to me, and I've played a lot of pedals, the 9000 is the best. Go for it.
I use the 9000 and I love it. It has made my doubles almost effortless. I recommend the 9000 hihat stand as well. Smooth!!