Where do you stand on giving advice?



I'm sure that we've all seen clips on social media of people playing, and a lot of them tend to be younger players just wanting to show off.

Occasionally, I'll see someone doing something that is not technically 'wrong,' but I know that if they changed it, it would benefit the sound or make it easier on them technique wise. Theres also some things that they do that could lead to physical damage and pain further on if they continue doing it.

Do we say something, or leave it alone?

These days, I tend not to bother, as you are invariably met with a chorus of 'leave them alone!' or 'what do you know!' or 'nobody asked you!'

So, do you try to help, or let it be?
I asked this same question on here a few years ago, soon after I joined this forum. The consensus was: 1) don't say anything, unless you're asked; and 2) you better know what you're talking about. Those were wise words, and I took them to heart. In the end, I've realized that people are going do what they want to do, so, more often than not, you're wasting your breath suggesting otherwise. The downside is not reaching those who may have wanted the advice, but that's something you learn to live with.
I try not to give advice unless asked. There are probably situations where my input might be helpful, I guess I'd have to weight each before speaking up. But I can't recall any times where I said anything un-asked.
'If asked' - yes, I think I'll leave it at that. Let their own experiences be the lesson.
I’m of the “Let it go” camp. Invariably, people always seem to believe that whatever they’re doing, nobody else has done (there’s that narcissistic musician side popping up again), so nobody else could possibly understand.

If someone sees me play and asks me for an opinion, I may not even address the issue. Everyone is so delicate these days. So, no.

Yeah. Once I gave some advice that wasn’t asked for in the art world when I was younger. I knew the person but afterward I just felt gross and like a know it all. I really didn’t know what I was talking about so I’ve never done it again and probably will never. My younger self cringe moments. I have several haha
I am a teacher by nature, so I have no problems with giving advice

but it only happens when asked. I never just go up and randomly go : " here is some advice to make that better..."
Depends totally on the situation and only if asked. I would never offer advice to anyone who did not ask for it. It’s rare anybody asks but if they do I often ask up front “do you want me to be honest or do you want me to be polite?” That gives the individual an out if it’s not that important to him/her. Otherwise if they ask I point out something positive and if they want more I’ll make suggestions for improvement, and then try to land on another positive observation.
I always want to be independent so I was wary of asking for advice when younger, but there is nothing wrong with being ignorant-just staying ignorant. So I ask for advice, never afraid to ask a stupid question, and ask for a critique (not criticisms per se but helpful critiques-there's a big difference in reception). Now once someone has given me advice, critique, or show me how to do something I will study it and always try to improve on what I was taught, advice, or critique. It's a win, win. I guess a good follow up question is do you ask for advice and how well do you receive it? I don't like giving advice-because it tends to be my advice-and the person needs something particular to them usually. So I can only tell them my experience and the caveat it might not turn out for them or apply to them.
Good morning!

I love this topic...
Since I've come off the road some local drummers, and bands, have been asking for "advice" on many different things. I put that word in "" because they really want me to compliment them.

I make it very very clear that I'm going to be completely honest and that my advice/opinion really shouldn't matter because if it makes you happy and you're having fun etc then who am I to tell you any differently...

But when someone insists and I tell them my opinion or give them my advice about 95% of the time they don't take it,,,,ha!!!! So there you go...

Have a great week everyone!

cheers and blessings, Trey
Oh boy, this would be a great thread, and would intersect musicianship, psychology, how to raise your children, so many things,

Have any of you heard or seen a famous Branford Marsalis video where he talks about teaching his students? And basically all they want to hear is how good they are. Very very few people want to hear anything negative, even if it's something that they need to work on.

I come from a pretty judgemental and demanding artistic family. And I had to learn the hard way that that did not fly in the real world. Ha ha. So no, I rarely give advice, and when I do, I am careful to make it 98.8% praise