Where do you play your kit?

Those purple Premiers look right at home in there.
It makes me happy knowing how much love you bestow upon those drums. One of the few good decisions I made last year.
I do love them so. And they have this vibe to them my Pearl's dont have. I cant really explain it, other than the drums have personality.
I do love them so. And they have this vibe to them my Pearl's dont have. I cant really explain it, other than the drums have personality.
Must be that ”cold press” molding process.
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Beyond the white doors.

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'The "Old K Garage & Lounge"
on Lincoln highway
30 m east of Pttsburgh

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after 50 years of gigging; 2022 zero..
I may have to put some work into it
I hope you can fit 2.5 Gretsch sets and fifty Cymbals
in a Retirement Home

I'll miss playing to the clouds, trees, birds and squirrels.
Hey jda, 50 years of Gigging, WOW! I'm 71 yo, and became a Resurrected Drummer (if you can call it that:):) ) after 50 Years ]1969] when me and my 2 other HS buddies parted ways. We never did play a Gig, but we convened together in one guy's basement (the only guy of 3 who had a home with a basement at the time ) to practice and learn our instruments. I play about 1 hour a day after having received a new Cheapo Gammon kit from my wife of all people at Xmas 2018. I finally retired in May 2021 as Chronic pain of Spinal Arthritis got the best of me, having worked for over 48 years. Now I play for enjoyment to My Music: Allman Bros. to ZZ Top wit much inbetween & Including Linda Ronstadt and Bonnie Rait (love those ladies and their immense talents).

I gave that Gammon Kit to my 5 year old Grandson who always wanted to down to my basement to play upon every visit. Purchased a PDP Concept Maple 6 Drum kit used at Guitar Center in early 2021. Added a few snare drums and of course all new Paiste cymbals, experimented with new drum heads and I am still learning about Drum Tuning which I knew nothing about way back when. I have my kit (we used to call it Drum Sets in my day), in my finished basement. I "created" a new Music room during the dire days of COVID hibernation and working from Home (March 17, 2020) [HATED IT]. Bought all new Stereo components and Speakers and it is now my Man Cave (hate that term, but it fits for now). Since I am limited in physical activities ( like playing Golf, taking major trips, etc), Playing Drums is one of my main staples of enjoyment. Who knows: Maybe I can hook up to some Geriatric local Musicians and Jam away.

I have 5 Grandchildren. The youngest, a boy, is 15 months old. The Power of Drumming is clear !! The allure is fascinating. The 4 other kids - the youngest girl not yet 2 (Feb 2023) all want to go down to the basement to play on my drums!!! Once they hit them - they are "hooked" :):).
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The walls look great. I would always feel bad for you facing the corner. I don't feel bad for you anymore. Well done
Must be that ”cold press” molding process.
The Pearl's have a manufacturing rigidity that I dig. It makes perfect clones, and as someone who builds stuff, I respect that. They sound good too. You will hear no complaints from me about the quality of my Pearl drums, either set.

Its Sheldon Cooper vs Leonard Hofstadter.
I have a room in the house and a set in the garage .View attachment 128804
Wow. Slingerland still around? When I first started to play drums in 1967 at 16 years old, Slingerland, Ludwig, Rogers were the Big 3 that I remember. Tama, Yamaha and many others came later. I had to stop playing in 1969. Me and 2 HS buddies who were learning our instruments, playing one guy's house basement (me and the other guy lived in apartments nearby with our parents). When we graduated HS that June, we eventually went separate ways. I had a cheapo brand - don't remember - purchased from the Music store where I first took lessons (8-10). I returned to Drumming in 2019 after my wife gifted me a cheapo Gammon kit for Xmas 2018. Now as a Retiree (may 2021), I play about 1 hour a day to My Music for enjoyment.
straighten those, flatten out, those T-Rods By lunchtime!
you can't go out in public like that ;)
My situation is still the same, can't drum at home. So my drums are packed up in bags, and I practice at the band rehearsal, one hour drive away, with the guitarist drumkit (my own snare, cymbals and pedals). I hardly get to use my own kit nowadays so I basically wouldn't notice much if I sold it... Think I only used it on two gigs last year. Usually there are rental kits where I play out. I still want to have my own kit though just in case, but a situation like this fuel my GAS, since I basically can swap drumkits without any big ordeal... But I wouldn't get to play it much anyway, so whats the use of it 😆
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