What's your latest purchase?

I've been wanting to try my hand at recording with a 3-4 microphone set up ala Glyn Johns. I'm looking for that late 70s early 80s sound. So far, my efforts to build a microphone locker reflect that. To that point I started hunting LDC mics.

I'm really liking what I see from Warm, Lewitt, and Lauten. I ended up buying this stereo pair from Warm Audio. My other mics are an AKG D112, a Shure SM57, and a Neumann TLM102. I figure if I can't get something passable with this group, it's not the gear that's the problem.

Now I just need to find the time to do something with them.

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How about a thread to celebrate and marvel at our newest purchases? I know I'll enjoy seeing yours.

Here's mine:

A mixed box of toys. Evans g2 over g1 coated for my yamaha kit, tight screws and trick quick release cymbal toppers.

A quick release hi hat drop clutch, some rods, some brushes, emperors for my saturn kit, and a 20" emad which could go on either of my 20'' kicks. Also a dw cowbell mount.

I'm so happy.

You must post pictures wherever possible.

Non drum related things are encouraged.


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There's a pawn shop I drive by at least twice a week and some weeks as many as a dozen times. But it's almost always closed when I'm in the neighborhood, because it closes at 5:30pm and I rarely drive by before 7pm on weekdays, and it's closed on weekends. But I happened to be going by today and it was not only open but there was tons of parking right in front of it and I had 20 minutes to kill before my appointment so what the hey.

I hadn't been in in months and instead of the usual assortment of ZBTs and ZHTs they had tons of really sweet stuff! Including some Sabian HHX Complex cymbals. And these:

Zildjian 14 K hats small.jpg

They were priced at $270 but on sale for $170. As she walked up, the salesperson said "I can make you a good deal, if there's something you're interested in." So I asked if she'd take $150 for them. She thought for a moment and then said, "Yeah, I can do that."
Not really a "latest purchase", as I ordered the BDC Merlin snare & Paiste Big Beat 21" when I ordered my BDC Legend kit back in April;
however, although I received the shell-pack at the end of August, these two only arrived yesterday:D

I went to collect them from Rattle & Drum Music (Derby, UK) late yesterday afternoon. As usual, I can't walk into my favourite drum shop without bashing my bank card, so a Paiste 18" Swiss crash accompanied them home...:rolleyes:

I was able to use my new goodies at band rehearsal this evening; WOW, that snare sounds good, even though I've not yet found it's sweet spot tuning-wise. The Big Beat is exactly what I expected; creamy, smooth, etc., etc,...but the biggest surprise is the (relatively cheap) PST-X Swiss crash. In isolation, it sounds a bit "clangy", but in the full band mix, it's GREAT! I'm lucky to have a few 2002 crashes, but tonight I used the Big Beat 21" & 18", 22" regular 2002 Ride, plus the Swiss crash, & even my cynical bandmates commented on how good the cymbals sounded.

That's me done buying new drum gear........Oh, wait: I've only got 3 snares, & I wonder if a different line of cymbals might soon be jerkin' my gherkin.....?o_O


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Alright. The PAISTE 2002 18" China Type got delivered to me today.
Turns out, it is older. 1985 to be precise. (38 years old). SERIAL: 574806

One side had been completely stripped of clear coat that created an oxidization monster, along with the removal of nearly all logos. (reminds me of Natural finishes on some UFIP models). The other still has some clear coat.
I hit it hard with Bar Keeper's Friend Liquid, and let that sit on the cymbal for 10 minutes on both sides. Rinse with water and repeat.
I then loaded it up on my "Clear Coat Application Contraption" and gave the cymbal 2 coats of clear coat. That will seal it for a long time to come.

BEFORE and AFTER: (average image quality due to crappy phone and poor light. Forgive me)
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Lots of things lately, but this is something unique, a carbon/mahogany snare by pearl. The hoops are rusted so I’ve swapped them for something temporary and fitted new heads and wires.

Also picked up a silverstar bop kit which has amazing sounding Toms, and my first 18x14 kick. It came with the classic hardware which doesn’t seem to rate as highly as the dw or Yamaha lightweight stuff but I think it’s all great, even the hihat stand.

Also got that red Ludwig Questlove kit in the first picture but I decided to sell it after I got the blue tama.

Well I guess it qualifies as a musical purchase. I made another payment to the band for my oldest of 3 daughters wedding in a few weeks !!!

Well the wedding went perfect 🙌🏼!!!!
And the band absolutely crushed it !!!!
Daughter and new son in law were thrilled and the dance floor was packed !!!!
Drummer was fantastic ! They all were but….
well , I’m a drummer and it’s a drum forum so there’s that 😉

And after the turn around reveal to see her for the first time …..


She gave me this embroidered handkerchief. And YUP, I completely lost it 😢

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Picked up this trio of dark cherry LP Classic congas from a gentleman in Greensboro, who had them on commission at the Music Barn, where they were. Mind you, we arranged this deal over FB Marketplce. It was a little surreal going to a music store and buying something from just, like, some guy. So I also bought two pairs of Akira Jimbo sticks that they've clearly had for ages.

These things sound amazing! These were paid for by one of my studio clients, who originally brought me the tumba (a Classic II) there on the left, and told me to watch out for pair of congas that I liked, which she'd then pay for.

These old Classics are double the volume and the tone of that Classic II. They're kind of ugly, but MAN they sound amazing.

And if you're in Greensboro NC for any reason it's worth seeing the old Music Barn and their cool old instruments (which are for sale and need price tags...) before it's gone.
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