What's the loudest snare you've ever played or heard un-mic'ed?

My loudest snare is probably my 5x14 DW Cast Bronze. In fact, I was thinking about moving it on down the river, but I had a studio client come in who didn't rimshot, and barely hit the snare hard enough to register within a mix, so I'm glad I still have it. That was a tough session, but that drum made it sound like he was hitting the drum twice as hard as he was.

Oddly enough, I don't think my 7x14 Savage bell brass is that "loud" per se. It's a powerful sound, but it's surprisingly dark so it's not harsh like a lot of "loud" drums are. It pushes through a mix more than cuts through it.

My Yamaha SD4103 is pretty loud too. Super snappy and cutting.
early 67


Crack of the Heavens
(easily achieved; lightest of rimshot
I owned a Keplinger heavy gauge shell (brass or possibly bronze) snare 14“ x 5 with die cast hoops. Very unusual lugs, it had so much cut and incredible volume that I couldn’t practically use it on any gig.
It was just out of balance with the rest of my set-up. I sold it on as I already had a Ayotte Keplinger stainless steel that cut through in a dense frequency situation.