What do you guys use to store your extra stuff?


Maybe I’m off but I find I have various drum stuff all over my practice space ( pads, sticks, heads, keys etc). I was thinking on getting a small mechanic roller cart to store all that stuff, and use the top as a table\attachment point for my iPad. Im just curious as to where you all put the ancillary things that get lost or cluttered.
I use a galvanised tool chest.

It's about 2 feet wide and about 5 feet long and 2 feet deep..... roughly.

I lined the interior with some carpet tiles and added some castors.

It's fantastic for stands and other things that I don't use at the time.

It stays in the shed.

For all my spare sticks, I use a waste paper basket and keep it next to my throne.
Waste basket idea is great, and I’ve seen it a bunch of times don’t know why it didn’t register for me.
Extra drums stack in the corner of the bedroom. Extra stands/pedals/etc gets collapsed and has a place in the back of my closet on the floor. Extra heads go in the closet on a top shelf on top of an 18" woofer. Extra sticks get bundled up with rubber bands and go in the closet. Also in the closet are cymbal and guitar bags, be them full or empty.

Tools live in there too. I have way more stuff in the closet than my wife.
Most of my extra hardware pieces are just piled under the small table next to my kit. The hardware that goes out on all of my indoor gigs is in a lg bag hanging on the wall and a sm bag on the floor. Then I have two double braced cym stands in another bag propped up by the door, they go with me on outside giggs where the wind is in issue in Kansas. Cables mics and drums that I gig with generally stay in their cases in a different room because of how limited my space is where I practice.
I have a large duffel bag with all of my extra hardware. I'm hoping that it gets more and more emptied as time moves on.
You know, I really need to get a handle on this...

My music room looks like Sweetwater threw up in there.

I'll be watching as you folk share ideas.
I use a rolling audio rack with drawers (to the left of the kit). The drawers hold extra beaters, shakers, mallets, spare tuning keys, cables, manuals, etc.


I have a set of shelves in the corner of the third bay of the garage and a couple of footlockers for odd bits of stands and hardware. Felts, bolts, wingnuts, etc. All have their own jars on the shelf. Drums, cymbals and gear bags all have their place. They don't always end up there, but they do have their place 🤪
12 x 20 foot space

I have three 8 foot long shelves over and under each other.

I have three 4 foot shelves

I have a 3 foot 2 shelf wooden thing on wheels

I have a 4 shelf plastic floor standing shelf unit

I have a plastic 2 (deep) drawer el cheapo thingy

I have a plastic 3 deep drawer el cheapo thingy

I have 9 guitar wall hangars

I have the drawer and desktop on my audio desk

They all pass the smell test
All of the “drum set toys” (cowbells, woodblocks, tambourines, shakers, etc…) have their own dresser with drawers. All of the “classical toys” (triangles, bell tree, mark tree, etc…) along with sticks/mallets/spare heads have an industrial shelving unit. The accessory hardware (tom/perc mounts, cymbal clamps, etc…) has a 5 gallon bucket, in the closet, next to the collection of stands that rest there, against the wall of the closet.

It’s scattered all about, but I know EXACTLY where everything is, and that’s what matters.
oh man....

most of my extra stuff is either in the band room at school, or my basement

the stuff at school gets used on a daily basis. Most of the stuff in my basement is stuff that is more "collectable"...hardware and original stuff from dads drumset; old books; about 12 years of MD mags from 82-94; about 4 large stick bags of sticks and mallets that I have collected and used over the years