What color Reso for Kick?

Growing up, the colour I mainly saw on Top Of The Pops and in magazine photos was white so that's the colour I gravitate towards.
Some of the kits I've bought in the past had black reso heads, I only ever changed one to white due to the expense and also because the black looked okay enough.
Going back to my formative years looking at Premier catalogues I'd definitely keep the clear head, they did a run with slightly different designs in terms of ready cut ports and they're emblazoned in my mind as being desirable on period correct kits.

Or in other words, I'm staying on this fence.

Edit, this is the clear head I still dream about


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White, coated reso with vintage Premier logo, maybe a smaller one at 12:00.

Logo stickers are available via ebay for about $5 or so.
I think a Remo Fiberskyn would look great as a reso:


Other vote would be for a blue Remo Colortone head, but that is still a transparent head

Whenever I first see a Remo Fiberskyn, I always think it's the lunar surface. And since I think the moon is gorgeous, I dig.