Traps Electronic Vs D.I.Y Kit?


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Hi All,

I currently own an Arbiter XTD 102 (basically a DD502 under a different name) which i run into my PC to trigger Addictive drums, which works fine, but I'm not the best drummer and i find the 8" pads just too small. Also the triggering on the cymbal pads is a bit naff.

Now i really like the idea of the traps E450 kit, the full size heads appeal to me and so does the mesh heads. However I've found very mixed opinions on these. Does anyone have a experience of them? how is the triggering? does the head only trigger in the center (much like the dd502) or is it to the rim?

The second approach I've though of is buying a cheap acoustic kit, sticking mesh heads on it, grabbing some Ddrum red shot triggers, a couple of ok cymbal pads and idealy an alesis trigger I/O. will this be as good or better? or will the triggers give me a headache.

Please bear in mind that I'm on a very limited budget. I'll be paying for it though the sale of my arbiter, and hopefully a couple of bits about the house. At the most i can get about £300 together. Also I am limited for time as I've just had a baby girl so this is very much a side project, nether the less it's my source of entertainment when I'm not busy with the baby.

Sorry this is so long, any help / advice is very much appreciated.


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Cheers for the link, thats a really good site. The only thing that worries me about making my own is if i build it and it doesn't work! I tried converting an old snare i have lying about with an L - Bracket, foam block, piezio and mousemat but i could only get it to trigger directly over the trigger.