The Topical Return of the Burning Virgins


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Hi all. One of my old bands from way back when (The Burning Virgins) has just reformed, and we're doing our first gig in five years this coming Saturday (24th) at a pub in Southampton called The Hobbit.
You may or may not be aware that there's been quite a furore over this pub due to a pending lawsuit (now settled, I think) from the Saul Zaentz Company over their use of the name and various other Hobbit-related things. We wrote a song about this last week, but by the time we recorded it this weekend things had got absolutely ridiculous with national news covering the story and Stephen Fry, Sir Ian McKellan and Neil Gaiman all commenting on it. As I say, this was done in quite a rush, so it may be a little rough round the edges but it will serve its intended purpose I think.

Please be warned that the following song contains foul language and irreverent humour, and is not for people of a sensitive disposition, the under 3's, or anybody in particular. If you are easily upset by the language of the gutter, consider this a severe warning to avert your ears.

The Burning Virgins - This Is Our Hob Bit