Steely Dan Is Not a Band

I liked a couple of their earlier rock tunes but when I realized they weren’t a band, I ditched them along with Donny & Marie. I never bought any of their albums until I saw the mini-documentary on Aja. Rick Moratta was interviewed and was exclaiming how pleased he was that he could hear his subtle notes on the hi hat. Just this one comment pulled me back into their orbit and got me listening to their music more closely. It’s nice but I don’t like the sound of the singers.
Why work so hard to find negative things to say about other musicians???
don't take it so personally if that's what it is +/-
This is internet chatter-- ain't worth a dime! Just A TIME Passer..
And what's derogatory posting "Steely Dan is Not a Band"
Anyone with Half a melon Knows that +/-
and can be construed into being discussed
if you have time lol (to blow..
that reminds me. got to hear this again.

might as well.

Like Ed Greene


on the original.
Something about the bass drum? you hear it? +/-
or is it,the snare.
What about the big bands, like Basie or Ellington? They changed musicians all the time. Does that not make them a band?
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A writing duo under the pseudo name that is actually a sex toy joke…hmmm

Here is the ‘band’ timeline wiki.


Looks like they hired Michael McDonald as the next ‘full time’ member of that era.

at least to me, it doesn't matter what they are....
Post number 3 in the thread ^^^ Perfectly put. Followed by three pages of back and forth.
don't take it so personally if that's what it is +/-
This is internet chatter-- ain't worth a dime! Just A TIME Passer..
Look.... I come here a bit. It's not my forum. Do with it what you want. Three pages of whether Steely Dan was a band or not is not constructive or a best use of the forum resources, but like I said, it's yours, do what you want.
I'm not angry about it, I'm just saying if the same energy was put into enlightening and educating everyone on things that actually would be better.
No but IT CAN ALSO be seen as a Review Of old/new Steely Dan, some reminiscing
et al.

I'm saying that In a Constructive way (versus cutting others thread FOR WHAT EVER (wrong or right)...reason)
Rather than coming like ....this is wrong that is wrong that is wrong.
Start threads
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Begin a LIBRARY OF threads of Your own. SERIOUSLY would be much (more? Appreciated. Right?
Instead of dropping in, saying this or that START Your own/ Direction.
Says the guy who has 26 posts so far out of 77. Perhaps you need your own thread.

Now 27...
Steely Dan and Fagans solo stuff gets played a lot on my home theater. Their stuff has a sound that just doesnt get captured on many productions. I own quite a few SACDs from both. Theyre some of the best sounding discs I own.
Ditto. My copy of Donald Fagen's The Nightfly is one of the best sounding LPs I own and when I want to evaluate new speakers of headphones I fire up Negative Girl off Two Against Nature.