soundfiles of Brady Drums


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So you're saying they're not using EQ on those, or either way it doesn't matter because it's just a soundfile?

If they said they didn't EQ it, then I see no reason why they would, because once you get em and play them for yourself, you realise that they sound a lot more amazing then on their website so it wouldn't make a difference one way or another whether they EQ'd them. They wouldn't gain one way or another from lying to us, and I doubt they would lie about EQing them, then go into specific detail about the recording equipment and process used.

Now if they said no trees were harmed in the making of these drums, then that may be cause for

I recorded my Brady snare without affects and it sounds pretty close to the one on the site.


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My Bradys with clear emperors top and clear ambassadors bottom sound like that. I believe the no EQ 100%.

the skin man

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To me the lower toms sound a little bigger, fuller, deeper, richer, and beefier than what they could get without a little electronic help. But obviously, the only way to know how different they really sound is too hear them live. The snares don't sound that different to me. It would be interesting to see if they're using the ply toms or the block ones or the true solids. The difference might be coming from the wood or how the drums are made. I'm pretty sure only the snares are made from true solid shells and the toms and bass drums are block or ply.