Someone's Son rehearsing - I'm Not Okay

Someone's Dad

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Sent the boy on his second four-day Felix School Of Rock event.

Kids of all ages and abilities are put together into nine different bands and given three days to choose, learn and arrange three songs for a live gig on the fourth day.

This is the dress-rehearsal video from day three. Shot from a moving handheld camera, so the sound quality ain't great.


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Everyone starts somewhere and personally I couldn't think of a better place than knocking it out with others. It's an excellent glimpse into the future. I'll look forward to seeing his development as time goes by.

Tell him to keep it up. He's doing great!!

Someone's Dad

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Thanks. He's being playing for 18 months now and has inevitably started to slow down with his technical progress. I like these Rock School events because they offer something different to his grade pieces and the stuff that he plays with the school Big Band. I'm hoping that if he keeps enjoying his drumming he'll keep working to improve.