Someone pick it up quick!(yamaha maple custom under 1000 about to end)

I got a newer model of those off CL for $1200 and it included high end Yammie cymbal stands, pro Yammie bass pedal, 2 Zildjian crashes and a Paiste 2002 ride.


thought I'd give someone the chance to own a nice quality set for a nice price (it'll probably go up some) but hopefully someone will get it and be happy *I'm not the seller btw.

I know these auctions have ended, but I would stay clear of these sellers since they have feedback ratings of 0 and 1 respectively. It's generally not a good idea to purchase big ticket items from ebay sellers who don't have an established and positive feedback record. That is probably why they went for low prices.
Yep, these guys lost out because they didn't bother to build up any feedback prior to selling high-end items. They could have easily gotten more if they had spent a few weeks selling smaller items and gathering more positive feedback.