single pedal slide.


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I've recently been trying the slide technique on my Iron Cobras bet just can't get any speed or anything with them.

I can do it way better on the bass pedals at school.

Can anybody else with iron cobras (or not) give me some tips on how to adjust my pedal and aid with my technique?



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What are the differences between the pedals? Weight of the beaters and pedal boards? Spring tension? Cam shape? Beater angle? Try to adjust your pedal closer to the one at school.


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I play with an Iron Cobra single pedal powerglide. I have mine so the tention is not too tight but farley lose. Try not to have it so tight that you can feel it pushing your foot back. Also try having the beater positioned as you would hold a stick. I mean you wouldn't hold a stick right at it's bottom end neither right at the top. You hold a stick in the way that creates the most bounce without putting too much effort in. The same applies with the beater. Position it were it will bounce the best. Personally it was trial and era. Gradually tighten the spring and see what feels the best then adjust the beater accordingly. Once you get it it is the best thing ever. It's also down to personall preferance.


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O another thing I forgot to mension. Have the beater so it is at least 5 to 6 inch away from the head. If it is too close it will not react quick enough and if it is too far away it will react like a slug. Try that and see if that helps. By the way the beater should never come that far back it hits your leg that is not good. Hope this helps


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I had my Cobras for 1,5 years, power glide. Was supposed to buy eliminators, but they sent me cobras and I didn't care to complain 'cause they felt alright. But anyways, I did master this technique pretty well with my old pearl p-120 and then had some difficulties handling it with the IC. The pedal just can't be adjusted to match the pearl pedal's feel. Then I sold the p-120 for some reason, needed money or something, because I started to master the new pedals. Just recently I again bought my p-120 and it's just so much lighter and easier to play with. I just love the feel of it compared to other pedals that I've tried, especially the IC.

The slide-technique just isn't good for the IC, but you can still get those fast double strokes going with it. It's just a bit harder.. I had my tension rod pretty loose, the beater not so close to the drumhead, and about 0,5 inches of the bottom visible if you know what I mean. Cheers!


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I use the BigDog B series pedal, which is meant to be very similar to the IC, and the Pearl pedals at school feel so much easier to play on. The tension seems to be the same and I can't find much else which is different. The slide just turns into a strange bounce without much sound actually being delivered.