Side snare


I’m needing to get me a good side snare for my kit. I’m looking for something with a higher tuning range. I know a good piccolo will work, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a piccolo. Hit me with some suggestions. Video samples would be awesome if you have them.
don’t know about smaller drums but any 14” snare tuned real low is my favorite way to use a side snare.
Just worked out another deal with John Ollis, the guy who has all of the left over Conway era Slingerland stock. He has built me a snare I’m using along with a kit that is set up in out church. He is going to build another snare for me. This one will be a 13x5 side snare that will be flat black with 2.3mm hoops. He will use a Slingerland Conway era Keller shell for the project. He has everything he needs to build it with the exception of the hoops, so as soon as they come in it should be ready to go!
Well, that was fast.
It’s good to know people. I could have purchased something online but would rather have one built to my exact specifications.
For about a year I had two aux snares: 15x8 maple and 10x5 birch. This gave me plenty of different snare sounds for the music I played at the time. I’ve since sold both drums. The 10x5 had a perfect pitch/cut/pop but it wasn’t as loud/forceful as the main snare. It was great for small venues but outside, if the main snare was mic’d then it needed a mic also. :cautious: I lusted after the Pete Erskine Ash Stave aux snare but at $1100 I just wasn’t needing it that much.


This Tama popcorn snare comes with a clamp that functions really well. The drum can be placed off of any cymbal stand. (The above pic shows my hats in the center, via remote cable). I used an Evans UV1 head and it really sounded nice.

The large aux snare was used for low, fat, punch sounds. What I found out was, due to the depth of the drum, a short attack is not possible. The drum always had a bit of “boooom” in it (I wanted a “bump”). It required an extra snare stand, too.

I still want this little sucker.

10" Pork Pie popcorn snare is a great side snare.
A great one!
I have the Gretsch 10" chrome over steel Brooklyn model & it's a firecracker. Worth every dime.
I gotta be a rebel here but a nice one. Who started the side snare thing?. If I want a different vibe I just hit a strong rim shot with the stick tip close to the rim. Personally I don't want another drum at sound check when I can fake like I'm playing a popcorn sound.
Who started the side snare thing?
Terry Bozzio. 😂

It’s just another sound on the kit. Sometimes it’s worth integrating more gear into a set list, sometimes not. A aux snare is much easier to use than an SPD-SX, that’s for sure.