Sabian's New Logo

Have any of you seen any big name drummers using the new logo cymbals? I haven't.
The top sides look way better than before their rebranding. My opinion on the bottom sides hasn’t changed at all.
To me logo is sleek, and yes new mission is edgy and hopefully sustaining - doing good things with raw bell and unlathing approach, unfortunately holes in cymbals are probably going to turn into tribal designs (I chuckle but shudder as I thumb this). Also they extended high end by linking with Crescent and their HHX Legacy lines. Nonetheless, I do not shop/or buy anything else.


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The "Unbound" marking is not there, did they changed their mind about it? Not as bad as I expected...
I am not certain that was part of the logo branding as much as it is their new statement.
I think it would be like adding “Hear the Difference” under their cymbals’ logos during that era.
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Anything interesting in the article?

I have the issue in question. The Article is called 'Don't fear the Rebrand'

Pretty much half the aritcle (full two page spread) is detailing changes that they made to the cymbals/manufacturing techniques themselves.

With regards to the logo it's just the team and Andy Zildjian stressing that although they know some people don't like it they feel the sound of their cymbals is the most important thing.

They think it's a great logo that people just need time to appreciate.

That's only a snippet of the article contents but there isn't anything in it reg. the logo change that they've not said already. It's a possitve piece on the new logo as you'd expect from the company.
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I can’t forget Artisan and Vault series.
Thinking about it now, their new “Unbound” marketing strategy is appropriate, as their old statement “Hear the Difference” might sound disparaging between their many lines.
Sabian just so happened to change their logo trademark, as well as protect and secure newly acquired property - I.e. creative and intellectual by copyright.
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Idk, for now I'm going to stick to my current ones with the old logo. I know which models from them that I like and I'm going to keep using those.
I played a new aax 22” light ride a few weeks ago and it sounded terrific. The logo actually looked nice. Marketing aside, they made a fabulous cymbal.
I played a new aax 22” light ride a few weeks ago and it sounded terrific. The logo actually looked nice. Marketing aside, they made a fabulous cymbal.
I played an AAX medium ride and heavy ride (both 22") a couple days ago. The medium was a little warmer than what I like but the heavy was good. Might pick up one of those later on.
I have one cymbal with the new logo, an AAX 16" Concept Crash. All of my other AAX and HHX cymbals have the old logo. I prefer the old logo but not by much. The new one is OK. Peace and goodwill.
Two years later, I still hate the new logo.

I bought a pre-pack of AA Medium-Thin 16" and 18" crashes with a 10" AA Splash. I've had all of these before and loved the sound until I destroyed them all with the flawed technique of a youngster. New ones sound pretty much the same as my old ones, so I'm happy. Mostly. I'm gonna try to get the new logos on the underside of them off with some acetone. :cautious:
I recently purchased a plate with the new AAX 16 "Concept Crash" logo, and I also have plates with the old logo. The old logo I liked a lot more. Generally, the logo is a significant thing for any group, company, etc. I know this from my own experience; I also created a logo for my group not long ago. At first, I wanted to build it myself, but I had a problem with the color combination. My friends advised me branding palettes. They told me that a logo helps to make any product unusual, to add a distinctive mark. I was delighted with the logo of my band.
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First I've seen the new logo. Old one much better. I just wish they'd quit defacing gorgeous cymbals with grotesquely giant logos. I get that people want logos and model names on them so they can tell one from another, but put something smaller and more tasteful on there and don't use up the whole cymbal.

On the other hand, the new logo won't stop me from using Sabians...just got a second one today to complete my initial cymbal collection, and I'm going back for a third as soon as I get over the Christmas stuff.
Bought my first cymbal since the logo change earlier in the week and I've got to say I was very glad to flip it over and find the old logo on the underside.

Didn't give it a thought until it arrived, but I was happy to find the old one all the same after a moment of panic almost.