Robert Zildjian, RIP


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I just heard that Bob Zildjian passed away this morning. He was one of the old guard in the drum industry.

Sad news, he brought us much joy through his life's work.
Sad news indeed.
He's certainly left an indelible mark on the drum industry.
A true giant in the industry. Love you Bob!
How true. I doubt there's a family name that's more synonymous with the industry than Zildjian. Very sad, but what a legacy!

R.I.P Bob.

Indeed, what a legacy... one of the giant legend of the cymbal industry has gone, a huge sad loss in the drumming community.

R.I.P. Robert Zildjian.
Very sad, my deepest condolences to his family.

What a legacy to uphold; art and science combined to create beautiful and amazing instruments. At once an innovator and a traditional best to his family and friends.
A sad loss. But I am soooooo happy he did what he did! He kept the cymbal-making industry on its toes and pushed innovation that benefits all of us, no matter what brand of bronze we use.

There’s a guest book you can sign here:
RIP Mr others have've left an amazing legacy
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Interesting twist that a Zildjian created Sabian, a rival company. Did you know the company name is a combination of his three children, Sally, Bill, and Andy?
An industry giant ,who's inovation and strong but fair business sense will be missed.RIP Mr.Sabian.

Steve B
May the family and friends who are grieving for him have the peace that surpasses understanding. I love my Sabian cymbals. Peace and goodwill.