Ride Bell: What do You Prefer?


I prefer ride cymbals with a loud and distinct bell. I might have a second ride for other purposes, but I feel like I'm missing a piece if the heavy bell isn't there. To my dissapointment, almost all the best rides for that has been discontinued: Zildjian Earth Ride, Paiste Signature Power Ride, and so on. The closest I have found was Zildjian K Custom Ride, but it still isn't as powerfull as the others. So why are they always being discontinued? Are we - the big bell lovers - in such a minority?
I don't know, it seems to me that most of the new rides I run across these days are medium-heavy and raw bell, specifically for that kind of sound.

I agree, that a good clear bell sound is a must for any ride I own. It doesn't have to sound like a stop at the railroad tracks, but it does need to be distinct and clear, not clunky.

I've actually tried several raw-bell models when I was looking for a good "rock" ride and have owned both the HH and AA Raw Bell Dry rides and the A Custom Rezo ride and of the three I liked the A Custom most of all. It wasn't quite as heavy overall but it still had strong stick and a cutting bell.
I like very dry sounding, light rides, overall. I find that the heavy rock rides and such are just too much. I hate how loud and cutting the bells are, especially, not to mention that they usually don't give good results for me when I crash on them. If a ride doesn't have a good crash sound, I won't even consider it.

I play a 20" Paiste Sound Formula Dry Ride, and while it isn't quite everything I want in a ride, it does a great job for the price I paid for it.
Are you a fan of the z3 or erg... I mean *ahem* "A-Heavy" Megabell ride?
I too like a loud, clear and cutting bell. For this purpose, I have a simply wonderful Sabian HH 20" Leopard Ride.
Check out the Sabian Paragon Rides. They have the best bells around IMO.
My main ride is a Sabian 20" El Sabor. It could be a little darker, not quite in the HH or K territory but it works well as a brighter jazz ride. My favorite part is the huge bell on this thing. Opens up very nicely too.
I know a guy who has an HH Power Bell ride, not very versatile but very good for heavy metal.

Drumfy, you should have been around when I was selling my Saluda ride... pretty dang heavy, 6" bell, two vents around the bell. Great for metal. My BTBAM covers on Youtube have the ride in them.

Right now I have a 20" Byzance Brilliant Heavy Ride, but I'm going to have to sell it because the bell just isn't enough for me. Hopefully Samsun responds to me, otherwise I might have to get Sabian to make me a custom one. Ironically, I need the bow/edges lighter, but the bell heavier. This is probably my 6th or 7th one. Just can't find the perfect one!