Quiet kick practice pad under 100$ ?

I'm looking for inputs on a decent kick practice pad within (preferably well within) 100$, something with a trigger built-in if possible.

There are quite a few in the market, but i hear reviews about some of them not being very quiet.

I had set my mind on the Yamaha KP-65 pad, but got no response to the thread. So i'm looking for opinions on ANY practice pad that is within my budget, and is quiet. The loudness is the main factor, the presence (and quality) of a trigger is not that important.

Anyone who uses kick practice pads, please give me your opinion on the quiet ones.
No responses to this one either ... i guess everyone uses a real kick drum always for practice

c'mon! someone must've used one these things ... ok, even if kick pads are not quiet(or even if the quiet ones cost much more), please give some feedback on your experience with them.

If this has been discussed already(i'm sorry), will someone please post the link to the thread?