Puresound Speedball Bass Drum Beater


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Hi All,

I am new to the forum. I'm wondering if any of you have had any experience with these bass drum beaters? I just bought one online and it will probably be about a week before I receive it. Just wondering if there are any experiences (good or bad) and or tips on how to use once it shows up.

I too would be interseted in the out come of your speed ball trial.

I really do need spelling lessons.
Just wanted to follow up here for anyone interested in this product. So far it has been the best feeling and sounding bass drum beater I have owned. I've played the big felt beaters as well as solid plastic ones and the dw half and half and none of them compare in my opinion. Good solid feel with a very steady and focused attack. I'd recommend for sure.
I have the hard plastic Blue one.

It's light and fast, but on my 26, it wasn't getting the sound I wanted so I stuck with my DW beater.

The thing that's cool about it is, it lays really flat against the head.
The hinge is sturdy and keeps the beater head at the heads angle.

What I didn't like is the face of it seems to dip inward a little, making the face not totally flat. Maybe that's just on the plastic one?

It might be that it's designed that way so when it hits the head, the head conforms to the shape of the beater (--all that ultra high speed filming would show it...) or something like that.
Anyway.....it didn't sound the way I wanted so it doesn't make much difference I guess!

It is well made, and it should last someone a long time if they bought one.
I personally bought the felt tipped beater. It is indeed completely flat and hits the bass drums head flush every time. You can tell it does by looking at the mark it leaved on the head. The other thing about its weight is the counter weight that comes with it. For me at least it made a tremendous difference in the feel of the pedal. I have the weight pretty much at the top, right beneath the beater head. It provides a great amount of counter-weight for powerful hits, and if need be I can shorten the stroke for speed. Personally this is the best beater I have ever tried.
Anyone know how these feel compared to the iron cobra beaters? Heavier? Lighter? They do look pretty cool.