PS3 v Emad1?


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ok so im getting new head soon kinda deciding between those two heads can anyone give me any info on them ive heard of Emads rings cracking, but it seems to be the sound im looking for, but the PS3 is anyone? i think im leaning towards the Emad.
I play EMAD1 heads and I do have a PS 3 as well. For me it's the EMAD, but that ring does like to crack so have some duct tape handy.
I don't like Evans bass heads...I've tried EMAD batter and resonants and to me they sound weak and mellow compared to a PS3. Give a PS3 a few weeks to settle and the next tuning will blow you away....deep, fat, punchy....everything you want.
I am with Zambizzi on this one, the PS 3 gets just about any tone your looking for, and with a falam patch it is very durable, also cheap. I would definitely recommend going single ply on bass drums, I made the mistake of 2 ply on mine and they lose volume because regardless I still need pillows for the hard death metal sound I like.
I've had three PS3 batters and they don't fit the drum very well. There are several other forum members with the same complaint.

I like the EMAD2, but it may not be a great choice for live unmiced situations.

The Evans EQ series is a much more open head than the EMADs. The EQ1 is a single ply head like the PS3. The EQ3 is a two ply head.

Both heads have a removable muffling ring so the degree of muffling can be adjusted. These heads seem to sound best at lower tensions. I've bveen playing a EQ3 lately and it's a nice head.