Pork Pie Black Brass Snare experience?

I've used both. They're both great snares.

The BB is one of those drums that you can't tune "wrong". It always sounds like a good snare. However, to get the sound that most people want to get out of it, you'll have to tweak it and get familiar with it. Great snare. And for the price--whew!!!

The Little Squealer is a poppy little firecracker that sounds great with a slappin' bass player. If you tune it low, it has more body, but it will never give you a fat backbeat, just a phat one.
One of these came in used at my local shop.

Quite a good deal on a black nickel-plated brass shell snare drum — a good way to save big money if you are going for a Black Beauty snare sound and can't afford it.

I want to try to new Ludwig Black Magic snare line too — the reviews are pretty good so far from what I have seen.
+1 great drum for the buck I changed snare wires to Metrix 30 Puresound, put a 1/2 square of Moon Gel on a new coated ambassador and am good to go
The 13x7 Patina is a nice loud drum but has a good amount of ring from the shell. Perfect for heavier music but would probably need to be muffled slightly for other genres. In my opinion the response was excellent and the tone was darker and sharper than other 13x7s like the Pearl Joey Jordison model. I almost bought one but decided to wait to try the Ludwig Black Magic, still havent seen one at guitar center or other stores yet.