Piccolo snare - which one between these 2?


Hi there.

I am looking at a local 2nd hand goods site and there are 2 piccolo snares available here for the same price:

1. Pearl Free-floating brass 3.5x14
2. Tama bird's-eye maple 3.5x14

Between these two, which is a better buy? I play different styles of music, primary acoustic folk-rock. What are the tonal qualities of each?

Any information and help is appreciated!


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I love the free-floater.. the great thing is its versitility...for like $50-60 on ebay you can get a new shell and pop it in and have a whole new sound... there are plenty of threads here about brass vs maple .... IMO for a piccolo I would go with brass... also see what the 2 would cost brand new, this is something I do when I'm deciding between 2 of anything used


Thanks for the replies. Was leaning toward the Pearl myself but knew nothing about the Tama.

Love the guitarist joke!