Pearl Tube Extender with Pearl Snare Stand


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Will this Pearl Tube Extender work with this Pearl Snare Stand?

I use a snare stand to mount a rack tom in one of the groups I play in, but the stand is not really stable when I get it to the height want. Actually, I could do with raising the stand even higher, but will need something like the Tube Extender.

Just wondering if the 2 pieces will work together, as I can't find much information on the diameter of the down tube of the snare stand.

Anyone have any knowledge about this?

I dont know about the down tube size of that particular stand. I do know that concert snare drum stands are for playing standing up, so are taller and another option to check out.

Here is the AHEAD version for $75:

That's a solid looking stand. I'll keep it in mind, if I can't find a tube extender for the snare stand we already have.

It probably won't fit.
The Pearl snare stand has a narrow tube.
The Pearl stand will fit the tube of a Griffin cymbal stand.
If you can find one of those for cheap, you can Frankenstein it.