Our own creation. (mixture of all kinds of percussion)


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Hello there.

Most of you know me as a guy who posts drum covers. Today, however, I'm here to present something completely different.

As I've said a dozen times before, I have been following drumming classes for more than a decade, and we also have additional classes called something like "Playing together" and "instrumental ensemble" (sounds weird in English, right?) The former is for younger students, the latter for the more experienced.

Our teacher, a great guy and musician - he has been my teacher for my whole life and he is the best I could wish for, thought it would be nice to create something of our own. So we started out playing some stuff, and eventually we came up with this song (attachment). (It's NOT a recording, but a computer-generated song of how it would sound. Maybe I'll post a real recording some day.)

Perhaps it sounds easy enough to the inexperienced ear. Challenge, though: listen to the alternating kicks and hi-hats and the listen to the quiet eight notes in the background. Or listen to the bass and then to the melody and try to understand what is happening. I am not saying it is extremely hard, but it is something out of the ordinary which quite "accidentally" fell together when improvising.

Basically what happens is that everybody seems to play another measure. Some play 4/4, some 6/8 or 12/8. And it all fits! It is a lot of fun to play and moreover it is very satisfying to actually play this "live" with a group of people. In the original song there's also vibraphone and drum solo.

Instruments that play:
- vibraphone (x2)
- xylophone
- marimba
- drumset
- bass/contrabass
- timpani
- bass drum
- I think some other percussion as well (bongos or congas and other small percussion)

Please tell me what you think! Keep in mind that this is a computer version! There is hardly any dynamic at all.

"Eigen Kweek" is something that you would use when talking about home grown vegetables you grew (kweek) those yourself (eigen)! (Ah Dutch, what a language.)


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I love it Bramm, I love all the percussion and mallets. I remember as a child watching Lionel Hampton play vibraphone, then discovered what a stellar drummer he was too.
Lovely stuff. Nothing better than starting with a simple idea that evolves as the piece goes on!
Thanks! That's what we were aiming for (even though it came to us quite naturally). A piece that starts out easy enough but when more instruments are gradually added, the structure and feel changes completely. The listener can simply lay back and enjoy, or he or she can try to figure out what is going on.

I love it Bramm, I love all the percussion and mallets. I remember as a child watching Lionel Hampton play vibraphone, then discovered what a stellar drummer he was too.

Lionel Hampton is indeed an inspriation to us all. (He's also fun to watch, even though I don't like how in some recordings his humming can be heard on top of the vibraphone.)

So, here is a live recording. It's smartphone quality (and subtly edited afterwards). My favourite part is at 2.00 and then the build-up to 2.10. (It's on purpose that that part sounds out of tune! Theoretically, it isn't out of tune. :D) I also like the melody on 3.25. It'd be great if we could get it a bit tighter, because none of us is 100% sure of his timing when playing. That's because so much is going on around you.

Oh, and I'm the guy on the far right.

Please leave a comment, I'd really appreciate the feedback!

I like it all, but I really like the part from about a minute and a half (1:28) to three minutes (3:10) -really wonderful.