New Tom mounts for my Gretsch Renown Maple


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Greetings everybody! I was finding with the clamp-on tom mounts that I was flying off of my cymbal stands, that the toms would sag during play, and sometimes just while they were sleeping waiting for me they'd drop down. I couldn't get the socket tight enough around the ball, and I wasn't a huge fan of clamping on the stands anyway, having grown up on the "2-up over the bass" setup. I've played around with snare baskets and the offset option, but I've always come back to 2-up. I have a virgin bass drum that I didn't want to drill a mount into, but I was considering the sliding DW one among others. These drums are literally like new for being around 2010 or so, and I didn't want to drill it. I'm no purist (I've already had the BD altered to suit my needs by a pro) but I couldn't decide 100% on the BD mount. Anyway, I researched, and researched and RESEARCHED, and pulled the trigger on the Ludwig Atlas Arch. I bought 2 of them to add the 2nd upright to one arch and it works GREAT. It all mounted on easily and start-to-finish, I was playing my drums in under an hour.
I used the 2nd arch mounts to remove the GTS mounts on my toms to clean up (and lighten up) the look. If I decide to go back with the GTS mounts, I'll use the two mounts on other lugs for cymbals and save some hardware weight. As I am an old drummer now, that's a bonus.
There is absolutely ZERO difference in the sustain, which quite surprised me. I thought there would be some change, but nope. None.
So far so good with them, they don't move or sag. They all fit in the current drum cases too. I was a little concerned about that but no issue. I like the fact that once I place them in their final location, the whole mount slides out of the lugs and I never have to move the ball-and-socket. I think that's a large part of the reason these things fail with moving around a kit like this.

I'm still fiddling around with fine-tuning, but the pics below show it in all its glory. LOL


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Looks great. I love the Ludwig Atlas mounts.

Thanks! I'm loving it. It's been a few days and these things haven't budged. Not even when they're asleep.
Looks good, especially with that sparkle - like they should come that way from the factory.
I love that finish. I grew up a wood-grain guy, but bought these because I always loved the Renown lineup. I couldn't find the '57s that made me fall in love but these popped up in mint condition just as covid hit the world. So they've been patiently waiting along with me for a chance to get out and do some live stuff. They are dialed right in on the tuning.
I think I'll pick up some more of those Ludwig mounts and fly some cymbals off other lugs to lighten my hardware bag. It's just nuts to carry.
Great solution! Love the rail mount. Has that vintage look! 🤘
Far better choice than the DW Slidetrack mount IMHO . I had the DW previously and it is very heavy and bulky and takes up a lot of room on the top of the bass drum .