New stick bag

Also have a Peter Erskine Yamaha stick bag I won at a Modern Drummer festival. It was pretty expensive then so was one of those things that’s nice to have that I wouldn’t have necessarily bought for my self. But it is definitely true, hanging a stick bag on your floor tom mutes the shell tone, particularly thin shells. The Ahead is more consolidated stick bag on the go while the PE is definitely bigger to carry around.

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Peter now has the next gen that is basically a table, pretty cool

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Hey that was my bag and is my living room 😂

It was a nifty bag.

He even inproved it when he was with DW with a stand (although it was another extra thing to take along).

All bags are now discontinued unfortunately.

Here is a picture of all the bags made:

Love my Vic Firth Leather bag though.
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I got this one a few months back. I like the look (but have other varieties) and has some nice functional aspects like a drumkey holder, netweb and cell phone holder. You can’t over stuff it and I like to bring a variety like beaters and hh clutch backup but overall good

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A place to put key, pens, cell phone is such a great idea. I'm glad manufacturers are getting creative & responding to what people need in the real world.

I carry a small "murse" over the shoulder bag when out ( seems to have a stigma in the states ) more common to see Men with a satchel or other small travel bag in Europe.
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My stick bag is a SwissGear 1900 backpack. I love it! It has high quality construction and is likely cheaper than a premium stick bag. I used my previous SwissGear backpack for at least 15 years, and it's still going strong.

You can fit nearly everything you'd need for a gig...sticks, a tablet or laptop, drum keys, power drill, metronome, sheet music, headphones, snacks, water bottles, etc.

Highly recommended!

I have a Paiste cymbalbag in faux leather that have a stickbag built in, it's a small stickbag and I already had the larger vic bag that works great, but man is it nice to have one less bag to carry around.
I have a tama powerpad stick bag. Its nice and small so limits me to essentials. I wish it was a brighter colour though ( only a matter of time before it disappears into the shadows )