New snare stand...


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Hi All, I'm selling my old drums with most of my hardware and some cheap cymbals, and I'm buying a new shellkit.

That shellkit includes a 14" snare, wich off course needs a snarestand.

I'f been looking around, because I'm not the kind of guy that walks into the local drumshop (wich bytheway, is pretty well known for being ridiculously expensive) and buys what fits his price range.

I'm looking at something around €50 ($70.85).

In Germany, there are two huge music stores, and they only charge shipping costs when you buy for les then €100 ($141.7), otherwise you pay €8 ($11.34). (the other one only offers free shipping on orders +€200 ($283.4))

They generaly have the best prices, so I'm pretty shure I'll buy there.
I'm not afraid of buying used, but ebay is not really offering much around here.

Now, both music stores have their own house brand, cheap-*** stuff that often imitates brands with a reputation.
Mostly, I look really sceptic at such offers, defenately when it are drums or pedals we are talking about, but they offer a snare stand at €44,70 ($63.34), it looks really sturdy and has alot of pro features...

I'll give you the pics:




I guess I can't give you the link. Hint: the images have a source

I know we are not talking about alot of mony, but still, as a student I (should ;)) turn every euro I spend twice, defenately when it is a €50 bill...

Do you have any experience with this type of products that sells at almost half the price of other brands? Do they wear fast?

Should I get this one, or spend the double for something similar from Yamaha, DW or Pearl? Or the same for a stand with alot less features?