New Ludwig Speed Flyer and Speed King reviewed by Carter McLean


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The Speed Flyer looks like a pedal I would definitely use (if I wasn't already happy with my Tama Speed Cobra). Pedals have improved so much in the past 25 years, everyone is making great pedals now it seems.

I know some of you like the Speed King, but just watching Carter play it I can tell it's not for me. It definitely has less power and a "stiffer" action. Too old fashioned for my taste.


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The Speed Flyer is basically the Atlas Pro, with some cosmetic and minor mechanical tweaks. I've been using the Atlas since 2015 and am very happy with it. Feel-wise they seem the same, so I'm not in a hurry to upgrade. What I mean is, if you find a new Atlas Pro, grab it and save a few bucks. The Speed Flyer is $199, Atlas Pro should be $150 while they last :)