New guy edrum / stereo / record question(s)


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First off, I'm a new/old guy around here. I'm just picking up sticks for the first time in September. I bought myself a Yamaha DTX 500 setup for my 50th birthday. Never too late - right?

I have a PA monitor and headphones. I generally use my ipad for playalong music, But I'm wanting to have a decent stereo for playalong and maybe for recording/critiquing myself.

I would imagine any stereo would work for playalong, but I'm new (old?) to the recording part. So I'm not sure about what to look for that I can build onto in the future (or even something that would cover record and play right from the get-go)

I tried searching this, but being so new, I'm not sure of the right keywords, so forgive me if I am beating old ground.

Thanks in advance.

No Way Jose

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What quality recording do you want? I imagine your ipad or cell phone can make sound recordings. You can play them back through the PA system.